10 Most Bizarre Scenes Of Game Of Thrones


10. Lysa breastfeeding Robin

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a mother breastfeeding her child… as long as he’s not six years old already. Even more bizarre, Robin is shown voraciously drinking milk from his mother’s breast while Lysa is holding a conversation with Catelyn Stark in the presence of several other men.

9. Daenerys consumes an entire heart

You’d think with all the zombie shows and movies we’ve seen, Daenerys eating a stallion’s raw heart would be less cringe-worthy and nauseating. But seeing her biting off the tough, stringy flesh with blood dripping all over her hands and mouth is just plain weird in a vomit-inducing kind of way. The fact that she rarely gagged while doing so makes it even more strange.

8. Ramsay Snow eating sausage

Yes, we have another stomach-turning scene and it’s even weirder than eating a stallion’s raw, bloody heart during a ritual to make your unborn child strong just like his dad. Theon Greyjoy has been tortured endlessly by Ramsay Snow, the bastard son of Roose Bolton. Now, torture isn’t anything bizarre in Game of Thrones. But castrating a man and then eating a sausage in front of him, pretending it was his precious, dismembered appendage is just out of this world.

7. Twincest & Rape

There isn’t anything at all weird about incest in the world of Westeros. Cersei and Jaime have been going at it ever since the start of the series and even have the blonde children to prove it. So what makes this scene so bizarre? Jaime, who is so in love with his twin, sexually assaults Cersei right beside Joffrey’s altar (their dead son). As if twincest wasn’t weird enough, right?

6. The Strange Friendship between a Lannister and a Stark

Everyone knows the hatred that exists between the Lannisters and the Starks. After all, they’ve only conspired to wipe out each other’s families over the course of the entire series. But some of you may fail to remember a point in time when two unlikely members of the two families having an intense but peaceful conversation with each other that didn’t end in bloodshed. We’re talking about Tywin Lannister, the head of the family, enjoying a tête-à-tête with the little girl who’s planning on killing him. Very strange indeed.

5. Death on a Toilet

There’s plenty of death in Game of Thrones and a lot of it is gruesome. But only one death stands out – the death of Tywin Lannister. And it’s all because he died in the most unlikely place you’d ever expect – while he is on the toilet.

4. The “SexPositions” of Theon Greyjoy

Sexposition, as defined by the internet, is when one character explains to another character parts of the story for the sake of the audience while naked bodies are being presented on the screen. GoT is well-known for relying on sexpositions. Among the numerous sexpositions in the series, Theon Greyjoy has some of the weirdest. It’s important for the audience to learn all about Theon’s back story – his origins, why he lives with the Starks, etc. And we learn all about it while he’s cuddling with a prostitute (a total stranger) naked in bed, after they’ve had sex. And then there’s the ship captain’s daughter. As Theon travels to his homeland, the audience is given even more information about Theon and the Iron Islands through another sexposition. This time, he delivers his story while having sex with her. Of course, it couldn’t be done before or after. It had to be done during. Yes, that wasn’t bizarre at all.


3. The Hound and Sansa

It’s Beauty and the Beast Westeros-style. Or at least, that’s what it seems to some. There’s a great deal of debate on what their relationship actually is. Whether or not it is romantic on both or either of their parts, one thing we can be sure of is this – it is weird as hell.

2. Melisandre’s Shadow Baby

Melisandre, the evil Red Priestess of the Lord of Light, gives birth to Stannis Baratheon’s child in a cave. If that’s not weird enough, the son she promised Stannis turns out to be a shadowy creature that looks more like a demon than a baby. To make things even stranger, it transforms into a large creature that sneaks into Renly Baratheon’s camp and kills him.

1. Joffrey’s BDSM Tendencies

We all hate Joffrey because he’s a spoiled, arrogant little prick. He likes to see people suffer a lot. He’s also very asexual since he never really shows any desire for the women or men. So, it’s very bizarre when he suddenly becomes the Marquis de Sade of Westeros in episode 4 of season 2.

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