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Everyone knows that Sophie Turner plays the role of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, but there are some pretty amazing facts about her most don’t know. She is also famous for her role in X-Men Apocalypse and will be a shining star that rises to the top of Hollywood. With this rising fame comes information about the young starlet.

She is from England

Sophie was born on the 21st of Feb. in 1996. She was born in Northampton, England. While she was a child, she was actually moved to a small village in the Midlands. Pretty interesting for such a famous and talented actress.

Early Acting Start

Sophie Turner started acting at the age of three! That’s a very early start- no wonder she is so talented. She was signed up to Playboy, a theatre company.

Her Drama teacher knew the Casting Director of Game of Thrones (Nina Gold)

She was able to pursue the audition for the HBO series Game of Thrones because of her connected teacher. It just goes to show what’s most important: NETWORKING, NETWORKING, NETWORKING!

First Movie

Sophie Turner’s first movie was Another me (2013). She played the main role of a girl named Fay whose life and identity was in trouble because of a girl who looked exactly like her. A crazy movie and Sophie was fearless in it.

Game Of Thrones Was Her First Role

Her amateur-level performances were enough to weave her way into contention for the role of playing the young daughter of a powerful Lord on a new, relatively low-key HBO series named Game of Thrones… In the same Coventry Telegraph interview, Turner explained the audition process: Playbox put me up for a lot of auditions, but it was through my drama teacher at school I heard about the Game of Thrones audition. The casting director knew about the drama department at our school. I had four more call backs in London. It was really intense, but fun. I did a lot of chemistry tests with other people the last one was with Maisie (Williams) who plays Arya. She is lovely. She has also previously stated: “Getting Game of Thrones was amazing. I was 13, on holiday in France, and my mum woke me up saying, “Morning Sansa!” I burst out crying and jumped in the pool.” A rational response to landing a life-changing role in a worldwide mega-series.

She’s A Natural Blonde

Like with most actors and actresses involved with Thrones, Turner has had to change her appearance for the role of Sansa, with her natural blonde hair dyed to match the signature vivid auburn colouring of the Tully family. She said: “I am planning to go back to being a blonde soon, then I’ll slip back in with everyone else. My friends hate it when I get recognised.” But does Turner get recognised often? She told Vanity Fair: “Yes, people come up to me in London. It’s weird, since it’s bigger over here, you’d expect more people to come up to me, but actually in London, I get more people. I think over here people are so used to seeing someone off the TV or movies that they just don’t really care. But in London it’s kind of rare.”

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She Starred In A Bastille Music Video

Turner’s fame has also landed a performance in British rock band Bastille’s music video for ‘Oblivion,’ one of the singles from their hit debut album, Bad Blood. She lip-syncs the song at a demolition derby arena, despite it actually being sung by frontman Dan Smith, and joins the list of Game of Thrones cast members who have also appeared in music videos including Maisie Williams (Arya), Oona Chaplin (Talisa) and Liam Cunningham (Davos). Turner has a lifelong love for music, and claims that she always sleeps beside a speaker system as she “literally can’t go five minutes without music.”

She Owns A Direwolf

One of the coolest ‘fictional world meets real world” scenarios is the fact that Turner’s family actually adopted one of the dogs used to play one of the gorgeous, loyal direwolves on the show. Sansa’s gentle-natured pet, Lady, was put to death instead of Arya’s fierce wolf, Nymeria, after the latter bit Joffrey’s arm and fled the scene, but thankfully Thrones isn’t TOO realistic, and the producers didn’t actually execute the animal, of course. The Northern Inuit dog, named Zunni, found herself out of work after the first season when the wolves became CGI creations to show their growing size, but Turner’s mother convinced the producers to let them adopt the pet who is now an accepted member of the Turner family. What a memento to treasure after the series wraps.

T.V. Shows

Her favorite T.V. shows are Hannibal and Breaking Bad. Interesting to see what our favorite T.V. stars are watching on T.V. in their free time. I would never have pegged her as a Hannibal girl that’s for sure.

Favorite Actor

Jack Nicholson is her favorite actor. She can’t get enough of his movies and let’s face it who really could when you think back to the classics like A Few Good Men. He is a hilarious actor, and I can see why she likes him so much.

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Her Game Of Thrones Wedding Was A Filming Nightmare

While marrying the rejected son of Tywin Lannister probably wasn’t the most ideal situation for the young Sansa after being denied the chance of being Queen just weeks earlier, it provided some sweet moments between Turner and Peter Dinklage (Tyrion), the only decent Lannister in the land. But filming their wedding day wasn’t without its trauma in the real world: “It was so weird. Really weird. I got a card from HBO saying, “Congratulations on your fake wedding day!” The walking took a whole day to shoot, a whole ten hours just walking down the aisle. “I think it was just that we had so many shots and I kept tripping up in that dress. I can’t even tell you how many times I tripped up the stairs. It was so embarrassing. I wear heels with all my costumes as well, and this dress was super long, super heavy. I kept falling.”

She Raps With Joffrey

There aren’t many shows with characters that have so many reasons to utterly despise one another, with Sansa hatred of Joffrey probably one of the strongest in the series, but away from camera, the man behind Joffrey, Jack Gleeson, is frequently referred to as the kindest, most polite person you could ever wish to meet. And while the cameras aren’t rolling, Turner and Gleeson love a good old rap battle. She told Vulture: “We rap a lot on set. It’s really bad rapping, obviously, but we try our best. It’s our own raps, too. I should say he’s the one that does all the rapping, I just give him the beat. It’s more of my attempt at beat boxing. “I just feel so sorry for the crew who have headphones on because they’re all ready to listen to us doing our scenes and then for fifteen minutes all they can hear is Jack and I giving it our all. Jack was rapping about Winnie the Pooh and all the money he has  “Monies and Honeys.” Someone should have recorded it for the DVD extras.” While a Winnie The Pooh-inspired Joffrey/Sansa rap is something the world needs to hear, fans will have to make do with Turner’s Radio 1 rap parody video alongside presenter Matt Edmonson.

She’s Allergic To Horses

Normally a simple allergy would be nothing to report, but this is a Game of Thrones actress allergic to horses. In a medieval world that plays host to dragons and frozen zombies, the biggest threat to Turner seems to be the scores-upon-scores of plain and simple horses. She said: “I’m asthmatic anyway, and just swell up when I am near horses, so I have to have an inhaler in my pocket all the time. Most of the time I am just desperately trying to breath!” Poor Turner really can’t shrug her character’s awful luck can she? Although I’m sure getting the sniffles when riding a horse is much-preferable to seeing her own father’s head on a pike…

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She Defended Her Controversial Rape Scene

What would Game of Thrones be without a huge splash of controversy across every season of the show? Ramsay Bolton’s rape scene with Sansa was Season 5’s crowning moment of outrage, with several politicians, Z-listers and part-time fans claiming that they’re going to boycott the rest of the show. The truth is that obviously rape is a horrific subject, and should never be condoned or glamourised under any circumstance. However, Game of Thrones hasn’t done either. The scene was shocking, harrowing and certainly not enjoyable to watch, but this a show that sets out to replicate many harsh truths about historical periods in ways that, in comparison, Lord Of The Rings doesn’t touch upon. Turner also sprang to the defence of the scene in Entertainment Weekly: “When I read that scene, I kinda loved it. I love the way Ramsay had Theon watching. It was all so messed up. It’s also so daunting for me to do it. I’ve been making feel so bad for writing that scene: ‘I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!’ But I secretly loved it.”


Sophie Turner has two brothers named Will and James. But she also had a twin who died before birth. Her mother had a miscarriage and lost one of them. Tuner once said in an interview that because of this, she always feels like something is missing.

Likes Dating Musicians

She once dated the Vamps guitarist, James McVey and is now dating Joe Jonas.

No matter what she plays in next, I am excited to see what this starlet does next. I know we will all be waiting with bated breath.

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