The 13 Kinds Of “Game Of Thrones” Fans You Might Meet

Game of Thrones is one of the most-watched T.V show in the world right now and you can find the fans of the show everywhere in the world. There are different types of fans present everywhere and today we are gonna talk about the different Kinds Of “Game Of Thrones” Fans You Might Meet.

The Fan Who Won’t Stop Talking About The Books 


For the love of God, we get it. You read the goddam books. Do you really have to ruin every moment of the show by comparing the two?


The Fan Who Can’t Remember Any Names


There are many fans who just can’t remember the name of the Names of the character. “So then the tall blonde lady says to the red lady…y’know, the one that queefed out the demon?…UGH, how do you not know what I’m talking about?”

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The Fan Who Stopped Watching after the Red Wedding


Any time the show is mentioned around this kind of fan, he or she feels the need to replay the trauma they experienced while watching the Red Wedding. Then they look at everyone else who hasn’t stopped watching the show as if they’re the devil incarnate for supporting such violence.


The Fans Who Only Watches for the Sex Scenes

This particular kind of fan appreciates the beauty and nudity of Game of Thrones so much that he or she finds it difficult to appreciate the other aspects of the show..Like the plot.

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The Fan Who Hates the Magic Stuff

These fans have explained to you more than once that they like the show, they just don’t like the dragons and stuff. Because they just don’t find it to be realistic. Because T.V Shows have to be realistic nowadays to be entertaining.

The Fan Who Gets Way Too Excited About The Violent Scenes

Sometimes you have to watch a man’s skull get crushed with someone’s bare hands and sit in silence with that fact..Not Discuss it the next day for hours with your coworkers until everyone is nauseous.


The Fan Who Insists Everyone, Everywhere To Love The Show

To this fan, there will never be an acceptable world in which anyone, anywhere, dislikes the show Game of Thrones. If you haven’t seen the show before, this person will give you a lecture on how great it is. if you are a casual watcher, he or she will explain to you the reasons why your lifestyle is wrong. Though they mean well, these sorts of lecture get very old quickly.

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The Fans Who Can’t Get Over The Incest

Jaime and Cersei Sex

This kind of fan has been known to announces as much as possible that Jaime and Cersei are Twins and they had Children. And sure, while incest can do some nasty things to the gene pool but at the end of the day, the characters are fictional, so we can all rest easy.


The Fan Who Can’t Handle Any Of The Violence

oberyn martell crushed head
Oberyn Martell crushed head

This kind of Fan is completely unable to watch any of the Violence stuff. Their worst day include: When they watched the Red Wedding, when the Viper met his destiny, and when Ramsay Bolton did anything ever, on screen.

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The Fans Who Always Compares GOT to Actual History

You know what’s cool? The fact that Westeros map is based on England and Ireland upside down. Every goddamn time when someone talks about the show they mention the bunch of Historical facts. History can be fun, but it can also be super annoying.


The Fan Who Can’t Get Over All Of The Dick Removal

Ramsay Boltan
Ramsay Boltan

You know what, I get this one. Sometimes this show feels like another episode= another dick chopped off. It’s like George R.R Martin wouldn’t rest until every man’s genital situation has been reduced to a lonely set of balls.


The Spoiler-Phobic

In this day and age, we want to know things immediately, so these fellows are showing admirable self-restraint. They haven’t read the books, and they don’t plan on it, they’re fine with just the show, thank you very much. But staying ignorant in this day and age is an achievement yet with the internet casually broadcasting spoilers, folks on the bus talking about spoilers and even your elderly white-haired grandmother ready to ambush you with Red Wedding revelations, you can bet that much like the Mad King’s sanity, their ignorance won’t remain intact for long.


The Fans Who Over-Analyse

Did you see how Jon Snow cocked his eyebrow when Maester Aemon told him about his family? That totally means he’s Rhaegar Targaryen’s son! And he’s going to ride a dragon!
They’re more knowledgeable than you, and they’ve put effort into their theories, mining the books for insight and honing their hypothesis with the help of like-minded conspiracy theorists.

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