12 Details In Season 8 Episode 4 Of ‘Game Of Thrones’ You Might Have Missed

  1. Speech used my Jon for honouring the dead at the beginning of the episode is actually the words of mourning used by the Night’s Watch.

Maestor Aemon used this speech after the Battle of Castle Black in season 4.


2. Tyrion mentions the saddle he once designed for Bran – we actually saw this back in Season 1. It was one of the early indicators that Tyrion was both kind and clever.

Although the show has really dropped the ball on that cleverness lately…

3. For the first time in the show, we saw Daenerys wearing full Targaryen red dress.

It could be foreshadowing that she’ll really embrace the ~Fire and Blood~ of her house now.

4. This is more of a goof – but there’s a shot during the feast in which you can see a modern coffee cup.


5. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have a cameo appearance as two wildlings.

6. Sansa and The Hound finally had their reunion and interaction, and their scene was full of callbacks to their history.

He calls her “Little Bird!” Which reinforces just how much she’s changed over the years. Sansa was once afraid of him, even as she trusted him – but now she’s talking to him warmly and even reaches out to touch his hand. The Hound also mentions how he wanted to take her away from King’s Landing in Season 2 after the Battle of Blackwater. Meanwhile, Sansa mentions how she used hounds to kill Ramsay, which is a nice touch.

7. Meanwhile, in the background of the scene, Pod is using his luck over the girls and not with one but two women – or should it be, two women are getting lucky with Big D**k Pod?

8. Arya’s refusal of Gendry’s proposal calls back to the conversation she had with Ned in Season 1 about how the life of a lady isn’t for her.

We also saw this scene referred to when Arya saw Nymeria last season and Nymeria rejected going home to Winterfell with her. This foreshadowed Arya’s own plot this season.

9. Arya and Sansa are against Daenerys because they think “she’s not one of us” and they’re “the last of the Starks” – which sounds very Lannister of them.

Cersei was always going on about how she and Jaime were the “last Lannisters” and that no one else mattered but them. Seeing this behaviour from the Starks is concerning.

Meanwhile, Jon’s insistence that he’s not a Stark has a whole new meaning for him now, but it comes after seasons of repeating it – including the time he mentioned it to Tyrion just as Drogon swooped him from above, as we’re reminded when Tyrion tells Sansa later in this episode.

10. Bronn’s scene with Tyrion and Jaime is full of callbacks – including to the fact that Bronn is the OG Braime shipper.

It’s interesting that Bronn refers to Brienne as Jaime’s mirror image, when that’s always what Cersei has been, as his twin.

Meanwhile, Tyrion instantly recognises the crossbow Bronn is carrying as the one he used to kill Tywin. They also discuss Tyrion’s old promise to double Bronn’s payment if he ever gets offered a reward to kill him.

11. The Hound and Arya riding off on horseback together is a nostalgic nod to all their time on the road together over the course of multiple seasons.

And their “unfinished business” is killing the Mountain and Cersei, respectively.

12. Tormund telling Jon “you’ve got the North in you” is meaningful after all the banter they’ve had over the seasons about what the true North means. It also calls back to Ned Stark consistently tying Jon’s identity with the North – as we heard Jon mention back in Season 2.

It was in the same scene that Jon and Qhorin Halfhand had a conversation about Ghost belonging in the North – just as Jon repeats in this episode.

(Still mad he didn’t say a proper goodbye to Ghost though.)

13. Missandei dying in chains is messed up, but it brings another level of meaning to her last word, since “dracarys” is the word Dany used to set her free from chains in the first place.

It’s both a message to Dany to “burn them all” – foreshadowing Dany going full Mad Queen – and a cry for freedom.


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