15 Hilarious Photos Of The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast


We know and love them as our favorite characters on one of the best, if not THE BEST, show on TV. It’s brought us a lot of memorable moments. We’ve seen Daenerys and Jon (finally) meet and hook-up (we’re still ignoring the fact that they’re related). We’ve seen Cersei take the Iron Throne and what happens when someone tries to threaten her power. What we haven’t seen (and won’t see until 2019) is how all it’s all going to end. Or how much fun our characters have off-screen when the cameras aren’t rolling and they can let loose and have some fun—with alcohol. We may have to wait until 2019 to find out how it all ends, but we can at least have some fun and laugh while we wait. To help us out, here are 15 hilarious party photos of the Game of Thrones cast. You’ve never seen them like this, trust us.


The queens have arrived to the party and we are living for it all! While we love watching these two powerhouses try to take each other out at onscreen, we love (finally) getting to see them take off their crowns and live it up together. This photo gives us all kinds of life and even the breaker of chains herself, Emilia (AKA Khaleesi), can feel the epicness captured in this photo. Her caption on Instagram says it all, “What up season seven. Us queens be ready for y’all.” We definitely weren’t ready for all of the drama in Season 7 on or this fierce picture. With a show that basically has no happiness for any of its characters, we’d imagine the cast likes to have a little fun to shake off the melancholy scenes of the day. Grove on kweens, grove on!


Even megastars go to the bar and tie one too many on, resulting in some antics we bet they regret the next morning. Early this year, Kit Harrington was having a bit TOO much fun drinking at a bar in New York and drunkenly got in the faces of some people playing pool.

He was asked to leave and did, but then he decided to come back and that’s when things got ugly.

It resulted in the actor being physically removed from the premises. We know he knows nothing, but we do hope Kit doesn’t feel too bad about the incident because we’ve all been there at some point—too drunk to care and forgetting who and where we are. Don’t worry Kit, we all still love and adore you.


As if we couldn’t love him anymore, this picture of a playful, fun, and oh-I’m-just-drinking-a-beer-with-some-pals-like-a-normal-person picture comes out. Even with beer all over his face, Jason Momoa is still the hottest guy on the planet. This picture of Momoa having some serious fun was taken while on vacation with his wife Lisa Bonet and their two kids. He stopped at a Dublin club to hang out with pals and to drink (in his own words) “mother’s milk with my brothers.” While we miss him and Khaleesi on GoT (sorry, Jon Snow), we couldn’t be happier that he’s out enjoying life with his friends and his wife! Cheers to good times and memories!


We had no idea that Peter Dinklage was a hula hoop fan! We also didn’t know he had such mad skills when it came to hooping himself. And we have to admit the fact that he can twirl that glow-in-the-dark hula hoop like he owns it doesn’t surprise us at all nor does it seem out of character for him personally, but it would be a little surprising if he was on the set playing a character we’ve all come to know lovingly as the GOT man who drinks and knows things. Wherever Peter was at, he seemed to be having a really good time and posted this snap of him on the dance floor to his Instagram with the caption “Party time!” He later took a few snaps with the owner of the hula hoop too!


Looks like the cast aren’t the only ones who want to let their hair down and get in some partying time. The writers want to have some fun, too—especially when their wives are kissing hunky GoT actors at an Emmy’s after party.

Such is the case of this picture of David Benioff (playfully) flipping the bird to the camera person who captured his wife Amanda Peet kissing Pedro Pascal, the actor who plays the now deceased Oberyn Martell.

It looks like an awesome love fest and some serious fun! And we don’t blame them because David and the cast and crew of GoT had just won the Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, so we’re sure they all let their hair down to celebrate such a huge honor.


We all know that when you’re an actor on the one of the biggest and most-watched television shows in the history of TV that the camera is bound to find you and follow you wherever you go. And if you’re Sophie Turner and partying at a club in Milan, you can pretty much guarantee that the cameras are going to capture your every move. And we are sooo happy they did! Sophie looks almost unrecognizable with her stunning cat eyeliner as she dances and parties down with…Dany? Um, not even close, but we do think it’s super cool and hilarious that Sophie partied the night away with a Daenerys lookalike and super fan when she and Maisie Williams went clubbing in Milan. We wonder what Emilia thinks about this photo?


So it would appear that Peter Dinklage wasn’t the only one who wanted to show off his mad hula hooping skills. While taking a break from filming in Calgary, both Peter and Lena decided to have a night out on the town and ended up at a gay club called Twisted Element, and the drag queens weren’t the only ones who ended up performing!

Both Peter and Lena took turns hooping in the club, chatting it up with fans, drinking and doing what us normal folks do—having a good time on a night out!

We love us some Lena, but we have to admit that Peter’s hooping skills are a billion times better than hers. We wonder if she’ll call for round two anytime soon? You know Cersei hates to lose.


It’s so nice to see our favorite characters—who onscreen hate and want to kill each other—have some fun off-screen. One of our favorite things about social media (and our favorite stars being on it) is getting to see candid shots like these. It’s so nice to see the people we watch onscreen every week out of character and in the real world, sans the Seven Kingdoms. This picture of Natalia Tena, Jason Momoa and Finn Jones (we’re not sure about the other two) hanging out, drinking and having a good time is courtesy of none other than the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen aka, Emilia Clarke. This pic looks like so much fun we hope Emilia was able to get in on the good times, too.


We can’t be the only ones who don’t think this picture just doesn’t seem right. Sure, we get that GoT is just a television show and that the actors are nothing like the characters they portray onscreen, but still…there is just something about Ramsay hanging out with Reek, AKA Theon Greyjoy, that just feels weird and icky to us. We’ve heard that Iwan Rheon, who plays Ramsay, is the nicest guy on the set, but we’re having a really hard time separating him from the psychopath he played on the show. Regardless, Alfie and Iwan seem to be getting along and having a really good time. It’s nice to see them hanging out with onscreen lovebirds (we hope) Nikolaj and Gwendoline, shooting some pool and having a good night painting the town red.


Hodor’s death was written in such a tragic way that we’re still brought to tears anytime someone asks us to “hold the door” at the office. We all love the gentle giant and the actor, Kristian Nairn, who played him.

So when we found out that in Kristian is a DJ in real life— and a damn good one at that—we had to see it for ourselves.

The proof is the pictures and Kristian sure knows how to make a party just as epic as Game of Thrones, minus the bloodshed and misery. In fact, he has toured and been a DJ for the Rave of Thrones parties. We also learned that he’s got some pretty cool star tattoos around his eye. We had no idea that Hodor was this cool—or looked this good partying down.


As if we needed any more reasons to love Jason Momoa! He has already appeared a couple of times on our list because he always seems to make time for his former costars. Now he’s making yet another appearance on our list (it’s not like we’re tired of looking at him) with an Instagram shot of him sharing a drink and some laughs with Kristofer Hivju, who plays the leader of the Free Folk, Torment Giantsbane. But the most awesome thing about this picture is that this was the first time the two had actually met. Drogo was killed off seasons before Tormund entered into the show. And from the looks of it, it appears to be a match made in heaven. It’s the bromance we never even knew we needed!


We have to admit that Arya is one of our favorite characters on GoT. She’s smart, fast, definitely knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get revenge on the people who murdered her family. And we also love Maisie Williams’ portrayal of her. But this story takes the cake for one of the greatest surprises ever!

Maisie decided it would be fun to crash a random GoT watch party at UCLA.

Being the awesome person she is, she didn’t bring just herself—she brought snacks, too! To the surprise of the guests, she popped up during the “shame” sequence of the season 5 finale. Lucky for us, she documented the whole thing on her Instagram so we got to be part of the fun, too!


This is just so good of photo that we had to share it—even though it’s technically not a party photo. Hey, they all seem to be having a good time, so it fits with the mood of our list. Well, everyone seems happy except for Aidan Gillen, who plays the slick Petyr Baelish on the show. Actor Conleth Hill, who plays Lord Varys, is having a good time and so are the fans who apparently caught the GoT cast members off guard. But what makes this picture great is that never in a million years would we take Petyr to be an ice cream lover. And Aidan’s face in this picture is what makes it so great. As much as we hate him onscreen, any lover of ice cream on a stick covered in chocolate is a friend of ours.


It’s nice to see that we common folk aren’t the only ones who fangirl over the cast of GoT because even big stars can’t keep their cool around them. At the 2016 Emmy’s afterparty, Leslie Jones—who is a known super fan of the show and often stops by Seth Meyer’s late-night show for their Game of Jones watch party segment—made it her mission to take selfies with all the cast during the party.

The result?

Hilarious impromptu and candid shots of almost the entire GoT cast! But she didn’t stop there. She even took pictures with the writers tweeting, “I want my own thrones show lol make it happen!!” Leslie Jones is seriously all of us had we been invited to the afterparty.


We don’t know where the cast is but we know that we want to be right there with them. What makes a show like Game of Thrones even greater is that the cast of actors just seem to gel really well. And by gel, we mean that they have a sort of unspoken chemistry that works both on and off-screen.

It is clear that from this list that the actors all genuinely like each other and hanging out together.

That kind of kinship is what makes their acting (we’re looking at you Lena Headey AKA Cersei) that much better. And we know that when the final season comes in 2019 it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to all them. Cheers to an awesome cast and show!

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