17 ‘Game Of Thrones’ Memes Any Fan Can Love

Whether you loved it or hated it, this season of Game of Thrones had a lot going on! Some big plot points and some even bigger dragons — like, finally.

But if you’re like me and tons of other fans, you’ll love the jokes and memes being made about the series. Let’s look at some of the best ones out there!

1. It’s amazing to see how far these characters have come since it all began less than a decade ago!

Oh, those sweet little innocent Stark girls — yeah, for now.


2. Even some characters we didn’t expect had some big developing moments.

Great job, Bronn, thanks for saving Jaime from that dragon and all. Here’s your prize! A Lannister always pays their debts.

17 'Game Of Thrones' Memes Any Fan Can Love


3. The Hound himself had a couple big moments, finally facing the fire and the Lord of Light. But ultimately, he’s still the effing Hound!

His lines are some of my favorite! ?


4. Cersei and Daenerys actually met! That’s something I never thought I’d see this season.

And what a savage meetup it was! I mean, not as savage as this clapback, but you know, big.


5. I thought the first major death in this season was pretty unexpected.

Plus, who knew Olenna Tyrell was that much of a savage, too? She took that poison like a champ!


6. But my favorite death of the whole thing had to have been that creep, Littlefinger himself!

And well done, Sansa, for killing not one, but two major villains in this series! Can’t say I miss Ramsay.

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7. And with Arya’s crazy assassin powers, do you think the Stark sisters could use this face to their advantage?

Either way, I’m just glad that wispy-voiced snake is finally dead!


8. But not everyone we thought would die actually ended up dying… yeah, great job, Theon. ?

I mean, we knew he doesn’t have balls, but this was ridiculous. He was just like, “Peace out!”


9. Yeah, guys this is Game of Thrones we’re talking about here, so of course we’ve gotta talk about incest. ?

Jaime and Cersei just aren’t even shocking anymore — unless they break up or whatever.


10. The real deal now is that Jon isn’t a Snow, he’s a Targaryen!

This means his auntie is Little Miss Thousand Names herself! Still, we all wanted it to go down, didn’t we? So weird.


11. One of the funniest moments that could go overlooked was Davos’ fermented crab pitch!
“It’ll put a hole in your armor!”

Gross, don’t get any ideas there, Jon. Nope, too late.


12. And yet with all the incest, that still wasn’t the weirdest romance of the season… ?

Okay, so I know this wasn’t “romance” per se, but the eyes Qyburn made when that severed wight hand was on the ground… Sparks flew, y’all!


13. If you think that’s bad, imagine what Jorah Mormont is thinkin’ right about now.

Still, it’s been so long since Khal Drogo was kicking around, I forgot how terrifying he was!


14. But hey, at least some people are getting out of the weird love predicaments.

At least, I hope he is. He sure did a good job calling his execution a bluff, though!

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15. And with all the weird relationships we’ve been given, there’s still the one we all really need to see…

Please don’t be buried alive, Tormund, we need you to make gigantic babies!


16. That Ass

Prince that was Promised


17. And lastly, what a total weirdo Bran turned out to be.

I think my favorite reaction ever was Sam talking to him in the last episode, just like, “Oh…neato!”



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