19 Details In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5 You Might Have Missed


Here are the few things that you might have missed from Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5.

  1. Opening Credits Scene

In this episode, we saw the title sequence change. The major change we see is scorpions those giant weapons that Qyburn created to slay dragons sitting atop the walls at King’s Landing.

2. Varys and Ned Stark death similarity

Varys was writing a letter about Jon Snow’s true parents, it’s a mirror to the letter that Ned Stark wrote to Stannis Baratheon back in season 1 exposing Cersei and Jaime relationship.

Lord Baelish similar to Tyrion tried to convince Ned to drop it and allow Joffrey to take the throne. And like Ned, Varys pays the price of his actions with his life.

One point to note is that there were multiple letters Varys was writing could he sent them out already and to whom?

3. Varys Spy Martha

The little girl acting as one of his spies, we actually saw her before in Winterfell Crypts hiding with Varys during the Battle of Winterfell.


4. Jon’s comment that Dany shouldn’t be alone is his concern about her grief, but it echoes Maester Aemon’s words about a Targaryen alone in the world being a “terrible thing”.

It reinforces Dany’s isolation that has been building throughout the season.


5. Meanwhile, Varys not only repeats the “every time a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin” line, but also his idea that “power resides where men believe it resides.”


6. When Tyrion sets Jaime free to go and rescue Cersei, Jaime says Cersei once told her that he is the stupidest Lannister, that’s a callback to season 7 episode 7. They got separated and reunited at the same spot.

7. Dany’s disheveled look visually connects her with her father, the Mad King, whose hair and general appearance was notoriously unkempt.

8. This shot is a mirror image from the Battle of Bastards.

Jon stands for fighting whereas Harry Strickland ran for his life.

9. This episode featured a few thematic callbacks to “The Winds of Winter”, which is the episode where Cersei blows up the sept.


It was her “Mad Queen” moment in which she destroyed her subjects with wildfire as “The Light of the Seven” played. In this episode, Cersei watches from the same spot as another “Mad Queen” destroys her subjects with fire – both dragon and wildfire. The music echoes “The Light of the Seven”, and as before, bells have a prominent role in the sequence.

10. This episode saw Bran’s vision from Season 6 coming true, revealing that it was actually about Dany following in her father’s footsteps to “burn them all”.

11. Hounds attempt to convince Arya to leave the Red keep instead of going to kill Cersei, he grabs and shouts “Look At Me”. He did the same thing during the Battle of Blackwater in season 2 with Sansa. This shows Hound Arc with Stark’s daughter.

12. In Season 3 episode 9, Arya told Hound that “Someday I am gonna put a sword to your eye and out the back of your skull”

That’s exactly Hound ends up doing to his brother The Mountain.


13. We heard The Rains of Castamere twice. Played once when Cersei realized that she must flee the Red Keep.

And when Jaime and Cersei faced certain death it’s a mix of that song with the light of the seven.

14. It also seems to fulfil Dany’s vision in the House of the Undying – a destroyed Red Keep covered in ash (not snow, as we previously thought).

This vision seems to foreshadow her death in the next episode.

15. The wildfire ignited during Dany’s rampage was likely the caches stored around the city that the Mad King had intended to ignite before Jaime killed him.

She enacted the plan he never could and truly became the Mad Queen.


16. The crumbling building falling on the map of the Seven Kingdom seems to symbolise the way Dany is destroying her own kingdom with her ~fire and blood~.

17. Jaime got his wish to die in the arms of the woman he loves. Meanwhile, Cersei dies with Jaime’s hands at her throat – which could be fulfilling the valonqar prophecy, if you squint a little.

Before they die, Jaime tells Cersei “nothing else matters, only us”, which is something the twins have told each other throughout the series.

On another note, the fact that Cersei dies by being crushed by a building could also be a callback to the way she crushed/blew up all the people in the sept – the two “twin pillars” of the crown and the church that she always talked about are finally in balance again – they have both been levelled in a Mad Queen’s blaze of fury.

18. As for Arya, she flees on a white horse that possibly ties back in with the white horse she gains with the help of the Hound in Season 4. The Stark theme poignantly plays over this scene.

It seems to be symbolic of her choosing life, freedom and her family over death. Her arc in this episode also ties in with Jon’s during the Battle of the Bastards, right down to the crush she experiences. Like Jon before her, this seems to be Arya’s moment to find herself again after all the death and destruction she’s been through.

19. It’s also worth noting that the young girl Arya was unable to save is holding on to a little white horse.



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