19 Moments That Prove Kit Harington Was The One Bright Spot Of 2017

1. First and foremost, Kit showed us that true love still exists in this dark, dark world every single time he stepped onto the red carpet with Rose Leslie:

2. And that he treats her right, because LOOK AT THAT GIANT DIAMOND:

3. Honestly, the print industry was pretty much single-handedly saved by their wedding announcement:

4. He restored our interest in education by trying out this adorkable college professor look:

5. Chivalry was resurrected when Kit spoke two simple words of love to his fiancé:

6. While on set for Game of Thrones, Kit did…this, because he knew this year has been hard and we needed a laugh:

7. Kit was a selfless hero and was willing to embarrass himself for the woman he loves — specifically, on Halloween:

8. His splendid talk show anecdotes reminded us all that you can make lifelong friends in even the strangest places:

9. On April Fools’ he pranked Rose Leslie by putting a fake severed head in their fridge:

10. In a year filled with pain and turmoil, he encouraged us all to speak the truth — even when it’s hard:

11. By combining Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, he indulged nerds everywhere with a fan fiction crossover they didn’t even know they wanted:

12. But 2017 wasn’t all fun and games for Kit, like when he got real and called out biased institutions and gave us hope for a better future:

13. Because of Kit, an entire generation of men learned that it’s okay to admit when they were wrong:

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14. He proved that friendships are just as important as romantic relationships:

15. He reintroduced us to the concept of a Renaissance man through his poetry:

16. Kit probably put a stop to all schoolyard bullying by wearing these sexy AF glasses:

17. He proved you should never hold grudges:

18. His smile gently reminded us that everything’s going to be okay:

19. And finally, he gave us all DAT BOOTY:

Source and Images: Buzzfeed

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