25 “Game Of Thrones” Stars Who Looked So Different In Their Youth

These Game of Thrones Stars Looked very different when they were in their youth.


1. Cersei Lannister


2. Yong Ser Jorah Mormont


3. Young Euron Greyjoy

4. Young Yara Greyjoy

5. Young Jaqen H’gar

6. Young Qyburn

7. Young Bronn

8. Young Walder Frey

9. Young Ellaria Sand

10. Young Tormund

11. Young Ser Davos

12. Young Gilly

13. Young Tyrion

14. Young Hodor

15. Young Thoros of Myr

16. Young Alliser Thorne

17. Young Petyr Baelish

18. Young Hound

19. Young Jaime

20. Young Olenna

21. Young Grey Worm

22. Young Ebrose

23. Young Ned Stark

24. Young Melisandre

25. Young Lord Varys

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