31 Fierce Facts about Arya Stark


Arya Stark is the child of Lady Catelyn & Lord Eddard Stark and is one of the most beloved characters in the Game of Thrones. She is young, resilient, and tough girl who traveled Westeros & faced very tough times & survive them. Game of Thrones series is inspired by the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire”. There are lots of facts you still have to know about this little Lady Stark-

31. Little Lady

In the Game of Thrones TV series, she started as a 9-year-old girl while in actual life she was 12 years old that time. Her real-life name is Maisie Williams.

30. Academia

There are several colleges & universities who taught about Arya’s character as a huge subject for female stereotype challenges.

29. Miss Independent

Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, the actresses who play Arya and Sansa have been seen against each other many times in the series due to their different ideas and thinking in their roles, however, they are close friends in real life.

28. Sisters

Williams and Turner got matching tattoos that say “07.08.09,” which is the date they both found out they got the parts on Game of Thrones.


27. Cat Lady

In the books, Arya spent a lot of her time playing with stray cats around The Red Keep in-between her lessons with sword master Syrio Forel. She would try to keep up with them and chase them around. This actually contributed to her sword training, making her faster and more agile.

26. Ambidextrous

Maisie Williams is actually right-handed while in the series she played in the Arya’s role as left-handed. She learned to sword fight with her left hand to make the series more authentic.

25. Pupper

In the show all the Stark’s children got their direwolf puppies, Arya named her puppy “Nymeria” after the name of  women who sailed 10000 boats & ruled Dorne.

24. Like Father Like Daughter

Out of all of the Stark children, Arya resembles her father Ned the most. In the books, her face is described as being long and horse-like even though in the TV series actress Maisie Williams is cute as a button.

23. Family Name

The name of Ned Stark’s grandmother was Arya Flint who lived in the northern mountain clans & Ned named his baby girl “Arya” from her mother’s name.

22. Just Like Auntie

In both the books and show, Ned Stark mentions to Arya that she is a lot like his sister, Lyanna. They look alike, and they both had similar skills.

21. Visions

In the books, Arya is very good in skin-changing abilities & she is able to transform herself into a cat, an ability she uses to be able to see things.

20. Rodent

In the series, Arya goes by nicknames & aliases which includes Arya Horse face, Arya Underfoot, Arry, Lumpy head, Lumpy face, Stick boy, Cat of the Canals, Blind Beth, the ugly girl, & Mercedene.

19. Undercover

Soon after the death of her father, Arya decides to cut her hair and pretend that she is a boy; she becomes Tywin Lannister’s cupbearer after Lannister recognizes she has disguised herself. In the books, she serves Roose Bolton instead.

18. Let Me At ‘Em!

In the books, she simply kills her way out on her own, while in the TV series she gets help from Jaqen H’ghar to escape from Harrenhal along with Gendry and Hot Pie.

17. Future Hubby

In the books, although unbeknownst to her, Arya was engaged to marry Elmar Frey. In the TV series, Elmar appears to be renamed as Waldron.


16. The Replacement

Although Arya’s family thinks that she is dead, they still want to benefit from a strategic marriage. In the books, Littlefinger finds one of Sansa’s friends, a girl named Jeyne Poole, and pretends that she is Arya Stark. He marries Jeyne off to Ramsay Bolton. In the TV series, it is Sansa Stark who marries Ramsay instead.


15. Multilingual


In the books, we learn that part of Arya’s training as a Faceless Man is to learn High Valyrian as well as the languages of Lys and Pentos.

14. Frenemies

During her training as a Faceless Man, Arya is accompanied by a young woman only known as the Waif. In both the books and show, we are told that the Waif came to the Faceless Men after her stepmother attempted to (or did) poison her in order to give her biological child the family inheritance, but details differ after this point. Moreover, since the Faceless Men practice mixing truth with lies, we may never know what is real and what is fabrication about her tale.

13. In the Darkness

In the series, where Arya goes blind, Williams was wearing hand-painted 16mm thick contacts & during the fight scenes, she had just enough vision to act in the scene due to tiny pin-sized holes made in the contacts.

12. She’s Lost Her Senses

In A Dance With Dragons, Arya’s blindness in caused by the milk she drinks every night while living with the Faceless Men.

11. Meow

In the books, Arya gets so good at her skinchanging abilities that she is able to transform into a cat, an ability she uses, among other things, to be able to see.

10. Me too!

During an interview, Maisie Williams said that the number one thing fans ask of her when they meet her is to recite Arya’s list of names—but they also want her to add their own name to the list so they can record it on their phones to show their friends.

9. The Prayer of Death

In the TV show, Arya has a kill list which includes Cersei Lannister, The Mountain, Walder Frey, Polliver, Joffrey Baratheon, Rorge, The Hound, Tywin Lannister, and Meryn Trant. Some of these are already killed in the series.

8. Narrow Escape

She’s phased out the Red Woman, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr, and Ilyn Payne from her list.

7. The List

The people on Arya’s list consists of only those who have committed crimes against her family. But still, she killed Littlefinger, Roose or Ramsay Bolton who are never on the list.


6. Alternate Universe

Some of George R.R. Martin’s letters to his publishers reveal that he had completely different plot ideas for Arya that never ended up happening. For example, Jon Snow and Arya are very close, and he was going to write in a forbidden romance between the half siblings; it was eventually scrapped.

5. What Did You Say?!

In the books, a man named Dareon abandons Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch to get married. When Arya, who is in the town Dareon is posted up in, hears him boasting about ditching, she slits his throat.

4. The Favorite

Arya is the only character who gets a POV chapter in every single one of the books in A Song of Ice and Fire.

3. Maybe One Day

During an interview, Williams was asked that what she thinks about Arya ever ruling Westeros. Williams said that Arya just wants to get home & not motivated towards ruling the Iron Throne. Williams also thinks that Arya has the ability to become an excellent Hand for the future King or Queen.

2. Get it Right

George R.R. Martin says that the proper pronunciation for Arya’s name is two syllables: “ARE-ya.” However, most people pronounce it with three syllables, like a musical term “Aria.”

1. Safety Zone

George R.R. Martin’s, the writer of “A Song of Ice and Fire” series said that his wife Parris has said that if he kills off either Arya or Sansa, she will divorce him.

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