9 Explosive Reunions Coming in ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8


Game of Thrones has castles, dragons, an army of the dead & the night king but its success still tagged on the relationships of its characters. Throughout the season we saw lots of reunions from Stark kids to everyone in the Drago pit like Bronn and Tyrion, Tyrion and Jaime, Jaime and Brienne, Brienne and Arya, Arya and Sansa, Sansa and Bran, Bran and Arya – the list runs so deep. There are still many reunions left in the show which we will see in season 8 like-

1. Arya and The Hound

Arya and The Hound Reunion
Arya and The Hound Reunion

Yeah! It would be fun to see them reuniting. They will get united when The Hound comes to Winterfell with the rest of the group to fight The Night King. When Brienne told him Arya was still alive, you could see The Hound was happy.

Arya will be surprised to see that the man she left to die is alive. The Hound will get impressed with Arya’s skill in the battle. She is now even better than Brienne and The Hound.

Arya and The Hound both went through a tough time which made both of them grown and now they will respect each other. Also, expect some of their signature verbal sparrings.

It would be fun to see both getting reunited.


2. Arya and Jon

Jon and Arya Reunion
Jon and Arya Reunion

Jon and Arya’s relation is very close from season one itself. Jon understands Arya and what she wants in her life and that’s why he gave her the sword Needle. Jon and Arya were very close before he left for The Wall.

They are the most skilled members of House Stark with a Sword and their skills improved with real life experiences. Arya stills admire Jon as we have seen it in season 7. Jon will definitely get impressed with how skilled she is in combat.

Arya will definitely help Jon defeat The Night King. He’ll resist at first, but Arya’s tenacity will force him to give in and let her fight. We have to wait for one year or more to see this amazing reunion.


3. Arya Stark and Melisandre

Arya and Melisandre Reunion
Arya and Melisandre Reunion

Back in Season 3, Melisandre not only made off with Arya’s best friend Gendry, but also predicted that she and the youngest Stark girl would meet again. Melisandre has been wrong before but I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Arya crossed paths again, and Mel is probably right to look very worried by the prospect.


4. Gendry and Arya Stark

Arya and Gendry Reunion
Arya and Gendry Reunion

The Stark girls have, throughout this series, been unlucky in love. But while Sansa’s love life has been traumatic, Arya’s has been non-existent. A girl has urges, too! With Gendry back on the table, it would be nice to see the Stark girls get at least as much play as brothers Jon and Robb. You know, if they’re into that sort of thing. Gendry objectification aside,

You know, if they’re into that sort of thing. Gendry objectification aside, remember that the two were so close at one point that in Season 3 Arya offered to be the bastard blacksmith’s “family.” He was unjustly ripped from her side too soon, let’s get these kids back together.


5. Bran and Jon Snow

Jon and Bran Reunion
Jon and Bran Reunion

A lot will happen when these two characters will meet in Season 8. Bran has lots of things in his mind that he want to tell Jon. Bran will be the one who will tell Jon about his parentage and his real name (Aegon Targaryen). Sam and Bran both will prove that Jon is not a bastard and is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne.

Their Reunion will change the course of the series.



6. Jaqen H’ghar and Arya

Arya and Jaqen H'ghar Reunion
Arya and Jaqen H’ghar Reunion

We haven’t seen the last of The Faceless Men. The ultimate assassins will be back to find Arya. Remember, she abandoned the Faceless Men and went rogue. However, don’t expect them to kill her. When Arya appears to be in trouble, expect a certain faceless man to return and save her at the last second. He’ll give her a few final lessons before she tries to fight the White Walkers.


7. Cersei and Sansa

Cersei and Sansa Reunion
Cersei and Sansa Reunion

Cersei has believed Sansa was involved in her son Joffrey’s death for much of the last few seasons. She has repeatedly said she wants to remove Sansa’s head. Now Cersei knows it was Olenna Tyrell who poisoned her son, so does she still hold onto her hatred of Sansa? These two are bound to reunite in season 8, and it will definitely be awkward.

Earlier this season Jon said Sansa sounds like she admires Cersei. Sansa replied that she learned a great deal from Cersei, and her execution of Baelish shows exactly that. Expect the two of them to plot against each other, and we’ll see if Sansa learned enough to defeat Queen Cersei.

8. Jaime and Bran

Jaime and Bran Reunion
Jaime and Bran Reunion

Jaime was the one who pushed Bran out of the Window in Season one and Game of Thrones Starts from that point. In this long journey, Bran and Jaime both have changed a lot.

In the last episode we saw that Jaime left Cersei and now he moves towards Winterfell to Join the battle against Night King. There he will meet Bran and will ask for forgiveness from Bran. As Bran is now The Three Eyed Raven he knows that Jaime has changed a lot now and became a sane person.

There Conversation at the Reunion would be interesting and many fans are waiting for it.


9. Daenerys and Viserion

We saw how Night King killed and resurrected Viserion in Season 7. How will Daenerys react when she sees the Night King has resurrected her dead dragon Viserion for his own use?

It would be an emotional moment for her as one of her child will be fighting for the enemy. She ultimately will have to kill Viserion. How will she attempt it? I think Drogon will be one to take Viserion down.

For which reunion you guys are excited for? Tell us in the comment section below.


  1. 1st is Arya and Jon. they both grew up not fitting in. Arya didn’t want girly things and Jon didn’t fully fit in the family. even Rob said good bye to Snow and not Jon or brother. 2nd Arya and the Hound. After a long pause they may even hug.

  2. Dear friends: What about the leaks of season eight that already appeared? They are so ominous that made me think not to see season finale. I know that GoT isn’t Disney, but they told a too much twisted story.
    Oh! I prefer the Arya/Jon meeting, and 9, Daenerys vs. Viserion.

  3. although I am looking for to these reunions the big question I want to ask is are we going to see jon snow aka Aegon Targryen VI meet rhaeghal


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