This Artist Perfectly Shows How Characters From Game Of Thrones Have Evolved Since The Show First Aired!

This Amazing Artist shows how much our favourite characters in Game of Thrones have changed from season one.


1. Jon Snow


Poor Jon. Since the beginning of Season One, Jon Snow has had very little to be happy about… and well, that hasn’t really changed! The only change that we can see is the never-ending list of reasons to be stressed out about!


2. Daenerys Targaryen

Here’s one character we LOVED watching evolve! Dany became the underdog we all cheered for! Episode… after episode… after episode… But these days, the Targaryen queen is done losing and has her mind set on the iron throne!


3. Arya and Bran Stark

Arya and Bran were probably the least interesting characters from the show’s beginnings. And now, these two are probably the most complex characters… Talk about character development!

4. Cersei Lannister

Cersei is completely unchained! Remember the good ole days when Cerise’s threats were the only thing to keep you up at night? Nowadays, you’re lucky if she only kills you and not your entire family… chills!

5. Jaime Lannister

There wasn’t a soul around that didn’t have complete disdain for Jaime Lannister when the show first aired. The pompous Lannister did nothing but get under our skin! So how did we end up here?! While he’s no longer completely hated… I think we can all agree that an end to his incestuous relationship would definitely make him easier to like!

6. The White Walkers

We’ve been repeatedly reminded that the White Walkers are coming. But, is it us or does it seem like everyone but the White Walkers have made it to and from beyond the wall? Seriously, do they need directions?

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7. Literally… everyone else!

Did you not see your favorite character listed? That’s probably because they were butchered, poisoned, or mutilated to death in good ole GoT fashion! We wonder who’s next to meet the axe?

Images: Dorkly

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