Arya Stark kills the Night King, no one expected such a denouement

Arya Stark kills the Night King, no one expected such a denouement

Many viewers were shocked to see episode 3 of Game of Thrones season 8. No one expected Arya Stark to kill the king’s games, but it is. She grew from a little girl to a woman who played Arya stark nude.

The last eighth season of Game of Thrones has gotten one of the most foreseen TV shows the world over. It was viewed by a record number of watchers, while numerous fans didn’t conceal their mistake at the completion of the epic. Fans saw a ton of plot irregularities in the third scene. The sudden and unreasonable demise of the King of the Night was particularly striking.


The web was offended not just by the very choice of the to make Arya the killer of the principle old evil, yet in addition to how it was finished. Numerous watchers were humiliated that the young lady had the option to hop a few meters, in a flash moving toward the King of the Night.


Kit Harington was also upset by this plot twist. In an interview, he said that he thought that the King of the Night would be killed by Jon Snow.


To relieve fans’ apprehensions, maker Brian Cognan read out a passage from the game of thrones season 8 Arya massacres the head of the White Walkers. A young lady from the Stark family had the option to be near the foe since she cleared her path through the cadavers of the living dead and fallen friends in fight.

“Something flies out of the dimness: Arya. She jumps from a heap of dead and dives a blade into the protective layer of the Night King. The Night King is being annihilated, she killing the king game ” – told the screenwriter.


After the homicide of the King of the Night, Arya Stark is legitimately viewed as the most massive murderer among people for all periods of Game of Thrones. Just the Dragon Drogon, who was ran by Daenerys, could overwhelm her, consuming King’s Landing.

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