‘Brienne of Tarth’ says Kristofer Hivju behaves like Tormund even after cameras stop rolling


Game of Thrones has a lot of on-screen relationships being the latest one of Dany and Jon. But the one which is most popular is of Brienne and Tormund. All GOT fans love their chemistry onscreen.

We all know how it moved so far, there is no conversation between them till now but the way Tormund looks into Brienne tell everything. It would be interesting to see how it goes well in future (because I think Tormund had survived after The Wall collapsed, their love story just can’t have this end.)

Christie recently came on the talk show, Late Night with Seth Meyers. Gwendoline Christie talked about how Kristofer Hivju who plays Tormund Giantsbane, apparently keeps his character on even when the filming is done.

We’ve all seen how Brienne seems to not react much apart from having a look of subtle disgust on her face when Tormund is being weird. But offscreen things are different.

After a bit of polite discussion about the show in general and of course, Christie’s fabulous portrayal of the kickass Lady of Tarth.

Watch the Video below:



It seems like they share a very close relationship off-screen and we can only imagine how it would be like to have Hivju eat a sandwich while staring at her.

Meyers got down and dirty about the lusty stare-downs Tormund’s given Brienne. Turns out even she wasn’t prepared (or aware) of how intense Kristofer Hivju is, both on and off screen.

Tormund eating while watching Brienne of Tarth

We don’t know how she reacts to it offscreen.

Hey, some of us would love that gingerbeard looking at us like a hunk-o-yum, and others might find it creepy.

I’m still rooting for those great big monsters to conquer the world.

So do you think these two might have a thing before the show finishes? Comment your opinions below.

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