House Lannister

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Is GoT Dropping A Major Hint By Changing This Unique Characteristic Of The Lannisters?

Game of Thrones might be set in the fictional universe created by George R. R. Martin but ever since the HBO series entered our lives, we have realised that the show and its characters...
Dany Riding over Drogon

Game of Thrones New Season 7 Photos – Daenerys mounted on Drogon and others

We all are eagerly waiting for the trailer of Season 7 but EW has just released New Season 7 Photos. Now this batch of them comes with 7 amazing photos of Game of Thrones Season...
How Jon snow will find his parentage

Fan theory – How Jon Snow will find out about his true parentage

There is abundant of Fan theories present in Game of Thrones. Some of them are downright crazy, some are believable, and some of them are even proven true. Reddit is place where all the fan...

Theory – Cersei Lannister’s new neck-piece might be hinting about her death

In Game of Thrones season 5 premiere "The Wars to Come", we saw a flashback. In that flashback we saw young Cersei Lannister visits a fortune teller names Maggy the Frog. Maggy gave Cersei a...


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