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Game of Thrones fanfiction. Ser Jorah Mormont – Loyal Servant

Game of Thrones fanfiction.Ser Jorah Mormont – Loyal Servant

After parting with Khaleesi, Jorah secretly got on a ship sailing to the capital. He wanted to get to Cersei and kill her for ruining his warm relationship with Daenerys Dragonborn. While sailing on the ship, the watchman…

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Game of Thrones fanfiction. Khaleesi and Jorah

Game of thrones fanfiction. Khaleesi and Jorah

The sun went into the distance over the sultry Meerin, and Khaleesi Dothraki sighed in frustration about her beloved dragon, which flew away in an unknown direction. She could only be comforted by an evening with Daario Naharis,…

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