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Jon & Dany’s Romance Leading Them To Conceiving The Prince That Was Promised?

The seventh season of Game of Thrones has gifted us with so many epic moments: the return of hunky Gendry, Drogon torching the Lannister army, and a turbulent Stark reunion. Yet one of the stand-out moment fans have…

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Cersei’s Revenge On Ellaria Might Be The Show’s Most Brutal Act Of Violence

Game of Thrones is famous for its fair share of gruesome moments. After six seasons most of the fans have become desensitized to violence. But that doesn’t mean there will not be any violence in the future, the…

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This Theory Reveals Why We Are Not Done With The Night King Yet

Now the whole world knows that The Battle of Winterfell ended with one of the most amazing and thrilling twist. And in case you missed the episode due to extreme circumstances then I would like to tell you…

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