Cersei Trashed Jimmy Kimmel On His Own Show, In An Epic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Insult War

Many fans haven’t been able to digest the obvious fact that Game of Thrones Season 7 is over! And it is a long wait until you get to see it next. What a season it has been Twisted plotlines or the interlaced and subliminal meanings (not to forget the innumerable leaks), GoT S7 didn’t disappoint, not with one frame.

We all are dying with GOT withdrawal syndrome! And in our desperate attempt to find a cure, we have, alas chanced upon a remedy that did us more than just good.?

So, here it is. Lena Headey locked horns with Jimmy Kimmel in an epic GOT-inspired insult war on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Getting into the character of Cersei Lannister, she rebuked and trashed him on his show, and managed to get the last word too!

It was Awesome!

The duo drank from a goblet of wine and started to insult each other. Here are a few key moments from the show that will give you a dose of sarcasm and satire.

When Kimmel asked Headey if he should pour the wine, and she replied in her signature Cersei tone, “Don’t touch it!”

But all hell broke loose when the match finally commenced and Lena went straight for it.

Cersei Trashing Jimmy Kimmel
Cersei Trashing Jimmy Kimmel

Savage. That’s what that was.

But hey, Jimmy is not the one to take it lying low. He hit back by welcoming her on the show with his incest joke!

Jimmy Kimmel replies to Cersei
Jimmy Kimmel replies to Cersei


And, Cersei was back with her venom.

Not just that. In another take, Jimmy cleared the air by saying that this is going to be the last time for Lena (pretty sure that was for Cersei) on his show!

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However, if you think that was brutal, wait till you hear what’s coming next.

As it turns out, Lena DESTROYED Jimmy with a bomb he never saw coming!

Cersei Destroys Jimmy Kimmel
Cersei Destroys Jimmy Kimmel


Jimmy Kimmel Gif

Watch this Video Below.

How do you feel about Cersei’s Reply? Comment your thoughts below.

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