These Crazy Game of Thrones Comics Will Make You Bend The Knee With Laughter

Game of Thrones has ended and we can’t be more sad about waiting a year for the final season of the period drama. The seventh season saw a lot of intense battles with the dragons in their full glory (mostly, Drogon) and delivered everything to fans from love to bravery and foolhardiness.

Game of Thrones has inspired fan art since the beginning but artists Abel and Christiaan, from the Wooden Plank Studios, decided to kick it up a notch with hilarious comics they made after every episode of season 7 and we are sure you can relate!

1. Looks like the audience were not the only ones pissed about Ed Sheeran’s cameo in GOT!

2. The preparations for the battle of the century are underway.


3. And just like that, Ser Davos murdered Jon’s swag!


4. Hmmm… Now that you mention it, Drogon does seem like mommy’s golden boy.


5. They were dumb, but not that dumb! On another note, Hodor as a wight gives me goosebumps.


6. You can’t tell Emo Viserion what to do!


7. Now we know what turned Dany on! Also, is that Ser Davos’ fermented crab in the background?!

Season 7 of Game of Thrones might have played with our hearts with all its cliffhangers and near-death sequences, but these hilarious comics make it all worthwhile.

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