Fans Reaction on Drogo feasting in Saudi Arabia goes viral


Egyptian pro-wrestler Mada Abdelhamid was recently visiting Saudi Arabia with Jason Momoa, an American actor known for his role as ‘Khal Drogo’ in the TV series Game of Thrones … and to say the two enjoyed a massive feast is an understatement.

Abdelhamid posted a photo of the duo in Riyadh behind a massive tray of “mothabba” – a traditional Saudi rice and chicken based dish.

They went full Saudi mode, savoring every bite in a dewaniya.

“Now this is what I call a FEAST!!!!! Eating like kings over here in Saudi Arabia. We literally couldn’t move afterwards…. but we couldn’t stop eating either. Very fitting that we were over here during thanksgiving, our stomachs felt right at home,” Abdelhamid wrote in his Instagram caption.

The two were in Riyadh as part of Comic Con Arabia, an international pop culture phenomenon that started in California for fans of superheroes, science fiction TV shows and the like.

The duo’s friendship goes way back to when Abdelhamid was Mamoa’s former personal trainer … and it seems it’s everlasting.

Naturally, the photos were too much for people to handle, causing a total meltdown on the interwebs.

Some Fan Reactions:

And then there were those…

The feasting didn’t start nor end there …

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