Game of Thrones Characters In Way You Have Never Imagined


We all love our favorite Game of Thrones Characters and we all admire how they are shown in the series. Now let’s imagine if these characters were present in our time. How would they look?

A fan of Game of Thrones has created these amazing posters of our favorite characters like if they were in our time.

Now let’s take a look

1. Dany


2. White Walker

3. Robb Stark

4. The Hound

5. Ser Davos

6. Sansa Stark


7. Littlefinger


8. Brienne of Tarth

9. Hodor


10. Tywin Lannister

11. Ramsay Bolton

12. Tyrell


13. Theon Greyjoy

14. Bronn

15. Jon Snow

16. Arya Stark

17. Jaime Lannister


18. Cersei Lannister

19. Melisandre

20. Varys

21. Margaery Tyrell

22. Talisa Stark

23. Jorah

24. Tormund

25. Tyrion Lannister

26. Bran Stark

28. Joffrey

29. Ygritte


30. Khal Drogo


31. No One

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