Game of Thrones fanfiction. Khaleesi and Jorah

Game of thrones fanfiction. Khaleesi and Jorah

The sun went into the distance over the sultry Meerin, and Khaleesi Dothraki sighed in frustration about her beloved dragon, which flew away in an unknown direction. She could only be comforted by an evening with Daario Naharis, with whom she tried to forget all her problems, including the loss of Daenerys husband Khal Drogo.


Jorah Mormont entered the hall and saw the mother of dragon standing on the balcony. Jorah faithfully served his queen Khaleesi but did not understand why such a strong and domineering woman attracted by such small men, as Daario. The knight approached Daenerys and hugged her gently, Khaleesi laid her head on his shoulder and sighed with relief:

– “it’s so good that you are always there. You have always helped me and gave me advice. I am very grateful that you are by my side. “

– “I am also glad that I serve you, my Khaleesi.”

The maid prepared the bathroom and called Daenerys to relax before bed:

– “Queen, your bath is ready.”

Leaving the hall, Daenerys told Missandea to call Daario. Jorah was upset at the Queen’s decision and decided to just leave.


Daario came to Daenerys too keen on conversations with the knights. They got pretty drunk, and some even fought. He began to openly compliment Khaleesi’s sexuality, but she didn’t like Daario’s audacity. And she asked him to leave, but the knight somehow got mad and began to grab Daenerys by the arms. She saw the rage in Daario’s eyes and a wave of fear swept over her.


Jorah passed by the room and heard a scuffle. He entered and saw Daario Naharis and Daenerys,  Jorah threw Daario back, they began to fight with swords and Jorah threw him out of the room.

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Daenerys was shocked by Daario’s behavior.

“My queen, I cannot remain silent. He is not worthy of you! “

– “it’s not your business Jorah”

“No, Khaleesi, I fell in love with you from the moment I first saw such a tender and defenseless woman. And I love you so far, so strong and independent. “


Daenerys was shocked by what she heard. Jorah bent down and kissed the queen. He began to take off the torn blue dress Khaleesi and cover the queen’s neck with kisses. Daenerys relaxed and realized that she was in the hands of a strong man. They had an unforgettable night. And in the morning it was necessary to deal with Meerin’s affairs.

When Daenerys was listening to the inhabitant, a messenger burst into the hall. He brought a letter from the Lannisters. The letter said that Jorah Mormont reported to the lions about the affairs and plans of Daenerys. The Queen was simply furious at what she saw. Tears appeared in her eyes, she looked at Jorah. The knight realized that the letter was written about him and threw himself at Daenerys’ feet.


“Khaleesi, I beg you, forgive me. In the beginning, I reported on you, but later I led them in other ways and did not tell the truth. “

– “Take him away, I don’t even want to talk to this traitor, Jorah Mormont exiled.” Khaleesi said without even looking at Jorah.

Her heart was broken. She thought that at last a strong and beloved man was next to her … but he turned out to be a traitor.


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