Game of Thrones fanfiction. Ser Jorah Mormont – Loyal Servant

Game of Thrones fanfiction.Ser Jorah Mormont – Loyal Servant

After parting with Khaleesi, Jorah secretly got on a ship sailing to the capital. He wanted to get to Cersei and kill her for ruining his warm relationship with Daenerys Dragonborn. While sailing on the ship, the watchman began to shout about the appearance of the ironborn. Jorah Mormont drew his sword and prepared for battle.


The ship ironborn crashed into the Meerin ship and attacked the sailors. A tough battle began, Jorah Mormont began to fight with two fighters and defeated them, but the ironborn darebee ones became more and more and the Meerins began to lose. The fighter attacked Jorah and bent over the deck to him, the knight realized that he was losing and suddenly saw an island in the distance. Jorah bent down and fell overboard. He was very lucky, because the waves were going to the shore. He swam up and lay down on the sand with relief.


The knight watched from the shore as the ironborn destroyed the merchants of Meerin. After the victory, the sailors took all the goods from the Meerinians and sailed away. Jorah felt a sharp burning sensation on his arm, he rolled up his sleeve and saw how he had a large wound. He did not believe in it, he tried not to come into contact with the sick in battle. The Ironborn traveled with a Stones disease patient. They kept him in a cage, fed him raw fish, and only released him in battle. He either struck everyone in the battle with his disease, or he drove them into a corner and killed.


Jorah realized that he was infected and soon the disease would begin to affect his entire body and he would begin to lose his mind. He remembered that there were healers in the citadel who might know about the cure for stone disease.

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The knight decided to take a boat to the citadel Thorndale and realized that he could die along the way. On the sand sat a raven from the ship of the Meerinians. He decided to say goodbye to his queen:

“My beloved Queen Daenerys, I am afflicted with a serious illness that can disfigure me and cloud my sanity. I cannot live without the memories of you and I decided to either risk my life and try to cure this disease or die in battle for my queen against does Cersei die. If I die in these two cases, then know that I love you and will never forget.

Your loyal friend and protector Jorah Mormont. “

He sent a raven and decided to get ready for a boat trip.


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