10 Potential “Game Of Thrones” Prequels, And How They Might Happen

It’s confirmed now that HBO is working on Game of Thrones Spinoff. In this article, we will see 10 best Game of Thrones prequel series ideas that we all want to see.

If we compare George R.R. Martin’s Novel with the T.V show we can easily see that there is a TON of information in the books that don’t appear on the show or is only briefly mentioned.

The word Game of Thrones prequel always set the internet on fire. Everyone loves Game of Thrones, and we all want more.

George R.R. Martin has given us plenty of options for Game of Thrones Prequel from how Westeros was created to Targaryen civil wars, rebellions.

There is a lot of material for Game of Thrones prequel and today we have chosen these 10 best prequel ideas for Game of Thrones.

We have brought some details for each story so that you can decide which one is best.

10. Aegon’s Conquest

Aegon’s Conquest
Aegon’s Conquest

We all have heard about Aegon and his sister wives conquest of the Seven Kingdoms with their dragons. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to see this prequel series made?

The story of Aegon’s Conquest could begin with their ancestral home on Dragonstone as they set out to conquer the Seven Kingdoms.

And the story moves forward with Aegon and his sisters, burning all the kingdoms but Dorne.
The kings of the Reach and the Westerlands joined their forces in an effort to stop Aegon, but it was all for naught. Aegon and his sisters burned them all with dragonfire.

The Series will end when all the kingdoms will swear fealty to House Targaryen and the seven kingdoms will be united for the first time, Crowning of the first Lord of Westeros and the forging of the Iron Throne.

In this prequel, there will be an even more badass use of the dragon and we will see Westeros 200 years younger.

And yes we would love to see Targaryen family as the strongest house in the land.


9. The Tales of Dunk and Egg

The Tales of Dunk and Egg is told in a series of the novella written by George R.R. Martin is a prequel to our current Game Of Thrones. This series is written around Ser Duncan the Tall, a knight and young Aegon the V.

The story follows the two as they travel across Westeros participating in many famous moments in history. Aegon was given in the service of Ser Duncan after a trial by combat involving the members of House Targaryen. Later he becomes Aegon V’s kingsguard in the series.

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Aegon conceals his identity, and the pair were involved in adventures from Dorne to Winterfell, although some of those adventures are still to be written.

While traveling the pair finds themselves participating in one Blackfyre Rebellion where they meet Bloodraven (who became Three-Eyed Raven later). Aegon is later chosen to ascend to the Iron Throne.

This series can easily focus on one novella in each season. In One season they are in Dorne, the next down in the Reach or in Winterfell. There is plenty of material to cover as Martin has currently only published three novellas and two are in the outlines.

This series would likely to have a bit of a lighter tone than we are used to, and a much smaller recurring cast, but it could be a welcome change of pace from the brooding seriousness of Game of Thrones.


8. The reign of Maegor the Cruel

The reign of Maegor the Cruel
The reign of Maegor the Cruel

Most important part of any series for their success is their villains and Game of Thrones has done great in choosing villains and their roles like Joffrey or Ramsay Bolton.

But if anyone could give them a run for their money, it would be this guy, Maegor the Cruel.

Maegor was the third Targaryen to sit in the Iron Throne. He was responsible for building all the Targaryen hallmarks we know today. It was Maegor under whom the Red Keep construction was finished, the Dragonpit and was responsible for the first uprising of the Faith Militant, the same order that would come to be known as the Sparrows centuries later.

He was hated by the entire kingdom and even he hated everyone in turn. He had the largest dragon in the Westerosi history named Blackfyre. Married to six wives but he appears to favor Tyanna.

Tyanna would poison Maegor’s other wives, causing monstrously deformed stillbirths. When Maegor found, he cut out Tyanna’s heart and fed it to his dogs. And you thought Ramsay Bolton was bad.

The main challenge for this Game of Thrones prequel is that they have to be getting people to tune into the series where a monster is in charge for two to four series, but they did it with Joffrey. So bring on Maegor the Cruel.


7. The War of the Children and the First Men

The War of the Children and the First Men
The War of the Children and the First Men

This Game of Thrones prequel will be set somewhere around 10,000 years before Aegon began his conquest of seven kingdoms.

The first man began their migration from Essos via Dorne to Westeros through a land bridge. At that time only Children of the forests live there. Naturally, the two cultures clash.

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The First Men started chopping down the trees which were sacred to the Children. The Children had magic on their side but First men had superior numbers and weapons. The Children of the Forest are alleged to have shattered that bridge when war broke out between the Children and the First Men.

As we have seen in Season 6, the Children ultimately created the White Walkers to tackle the First Men.

This series would be short, around three to four seasons but as the oldest of the prequels, it could be the most important.


6. Dorne: The Series

Dorne: The Series
Dorne: The Series

It looks like there is nothing much in this Game of Thrones prequel as who would like to see the Sand Snakes and their lame mother Ellaria.

Dorne is perhaps the most exciting kingdom other than the North, and we would love to see a series that focused on the adventures happening down in the desert.

Things that will make Dorne storyline interesting

The First Men, of which the Starks claim proud heritage, crossed over from Essos via a land bridge that connected Essos and Westeros in Dorne and The Children of the forests destroys the bridge.

Moving ahead in time during Targaryen conquest of Westeros. Aegon with his three dragons was unable to conquer Dorne. This is something that makes Dorne special as other kingdoms fell or surrendered to Aegon. But Dorne refuse to bend the knee.

They Even managed to slay one of the Targaryen dragons, and Aegon’s sister-wife, Rhaenys along with it.

Yes it will be fun to see all this but it might be a tad tricky for HBO to pull off jumping hundreds of years into the future every season or so.


5. The Blackfyre Rebellions

House Balckfyer
House Blackfyer

This Game of Thrones prequel will be purely based on House Targaryen.

House Blackfyre actually resides in the same family tree as Targaryen. They had a long and complicated relationship with House Targaryen.

So complicated that there was no less than five Blackfyre Rebellions. Yes, five.

House Blackfyre was founded by Daemon Blackfyre, the legitimized bastard of King Aegon IV. Upon Aegon death, the war broke between the bastard son and his pureblood children. The wars stretched over a seventy-five year period, including plenty of battles.

This series can also include the Tales of Dunk and Egg as it based on Aegon V.

We would love to see a House Targaryen fighting one another and the Blackfyre Rebellions could also give HBO a unique angle when selling the series to viewers. Four to five seasons could easily be made, one for each Rebellion.

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A Targaryen centric conflict would be new to the audience.


4. The Dance of the Dragons

The Dance of the Dragons -Game of thrones Prequel
The Dance of the Dragons

Dragons fighting Dragons.

The Dance of the Dragons was a Targaryen Civil war over the control of Iron Throne. House Targaryen erupted into civil war over the successor to King Viserys I.

King Viserys I had dictated that his only surviving child from his first marriage, a daughter named Rhaenyra would succeed him after his death. But when Viserys died his second wife plotted to make her son Aegon The King.

The war erupted and dozens of dragon perished in combat with one another, half of the seven kingdoms burned. The Dance of the Dragon is the event from which Targaryens never recovered back.

This series might become costly to HBO due to special effects and war but it’s worth to make a prequel to the Dance of the Dragons.


3. The Long Night

The Long Night - Game of thrones prequel
The Long Night – Game of thrones prequel

This will be the darkest of the all prequel series but it would give us a glimpse into current conflict with White Walkers.

The Long Night occurs roughly eight thousand years before the current show, and it marked the first coming of the White Walkers.

It begins as winter fell over the entire world and it lasted over an entire generation. The First Men eventually team up with the Children of the Forest in an effort to drive the White Walkers back.

The Last Hero was prophesied to be reborn one day to continue the fight with White Walkers. This series could be connected to current one nicely.

At the end of the series, we will see night watch will establish The Wall with magic with the help of The Children.

With this Game of Thrones Prequel HBO could largely fill in the gaps.


2. Doom of Valyria

Doom of Valyria - Game of thrones prequel
Doom of Valyria – Game of thrones prequel
This prequel will be short but it would definitely provide some knowledge over Doom.


Ever wonder why no one can get into Old Valyria without facing a hoard of stone men and risking the chance of contracting the greyscale infection?

Why that happened would be explained in the destruction of the Valyrian Freehold at the hands of a catastrophic event called the Doom.

We would definitely love to see that Catastrophic event.


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