These 20 Game of Thrones Real Life Locations Were Captured Beautifully

Over the course of seven seasons, the cast and crew of Game of Thrones have filmed scenes in many beautiful places. Travel blogger Andrea David has been to many of these places and has chronicled her trip by taking some pictures while showing the corresponding images of the series. It’s a really fun way to pay tribute to the show, we’re going to travel with it for a second.

For example, here is the blue window in Gozo, Malta, where Daenerys and Drogo went after their wedding.

Here is Robb Stark in the Twins. This scene was filmed at Audley Castle in Northern Ireland.


Staying in Croatia, but moving to Trsteno, we have Sansa walking with Loras Tyrell through the gardens at King’s Landing. It was the wrong tree, Sansa.

From the Kings Road to Braavos, Arya made a long journey. Here she is in a scene filmed in Girona, Spain.

Here we have Cersei climbing the steps of the Great Sept of Baelor …

Here we can remember the scene with the abandoned girl (Waif) when chasing Arya in Bravos, also filmed in Girona, Spain.

Remember when we were all still innocent, before seeing Melisandre give birth to a smoke monster in a scene filmed in the Cushendun Caves in Northern Ireland? Us Neither.

Again we return to Malta, to the Palazzo Verdala, the location where the scene was filmed where a fearful and naive Daenerys is about to meet her future husband.

Here at the Fort Manoel in Malta, where one of the most terrible scenes of the series was filmed, where the noble Ned Stark faced his crucial moment.

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… and going down again. Both scenes filmed in Dubrovnik.

For example, here is the blue window in Gozo, Malta, where Daenerys and Drogo went after their wedding.

Next up is Jon Snow, here he is holding Ghost as a puppy for a scene filmed in Tollymore Forest in Northern Ireland.

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