Game Of Thrones S7E6 Summed Up In Text Messages


Game of Thrones last episode ‘Beyond The Wall’ had many highlighted moments and now it has become one of the most action packed and loved episode from the whole series. Fans rated it as one of the best episodes from the whole series. And yes it deserves that.

Major Highlights of the Episode:

The Wight Bear was introduced for the first time in the show.
Thoros Of Myr Dies
Daenerys Saves The Day
Most Heartbreaking: Viserion Dies
Jon Bends The Knee
Most Shocking: Viserion Now an Ice Dragon

Fans literally took Twitter to express their feelings. Taking to Twitter in full force, fans of the hit #HBO series wasted no time in posting their reactions to the jaw-dropping episode.

Literally Just The Best Twitter Reactions To This Week’s “Game Of Thrones”

Moving ahead from twitter to text messages, here are some fan created Text messages between your heroes that will make your day better.


1. Jorah and Jon


2. Sansa And Arya


3. Nameless Characters


4. The Stark’s



5. Snow Patrol


6. Night King


7. Gendry and Others



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