‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences

Game of Thrones is one of the most followed shows in the History of T.V Entertainment and has long enjoyed record ratings and a devoted fan following. The show is based on the works of George R.R Martin book series. His book series has a large fan following as well and when some plot is changed in the show which is different from the books, fans of George R.R Martin book series becomes divisive.

Whatever the reason, there are plenty of differences that fans eagerly debate and deconstruct. Here are Seven of the most obvious differences between the page and the screen.


1. Red Wedding – Talisa Storyline

‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences
Talisa – Red Wedding

Game of Thrones most infamous scene “The Red Wedding” becomes more horrible when Robb’s pregnant wife Talisa (Jeyne Westerling in the books) was stabbed to death.

In the books, Robb takes the more sensible decision to not bring Jeyne to the wedding, and she survives, but the show’s Talisa isn’t so lucky. Even in this most brutal of moments, Talisa’s graphic fate was perhaps the most shocking.


2. Lady Stoneheart

‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences
Lady Stoneheart

In the books, after the death of Catelyn Stark in Red Wedding the mysterious Lady Stoneheart takes over the band of outlaws once led by Beric Dondarrion, and is eventually revealed to be none other than a resurrected and vengeful Catelyn Stark.

Every fan thought that Lady Stoneheart will make an appearance in the show but the show so far has dropped this particular idea which was very well written in the books.

It would be great to have Michelle Fairley back on the show with heavy makeup and finding a way to revenge for her son’s murder. But for now, she only remains in the book.

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3. Sansa Stark and Ramsay Bolton

‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences
Sansa and Ramsay

This is one of the most controversial changes from the books. In the book, the Lannister pass off a Stark family friend, Jeyne, to the Boltons as collateral for an important alliance, convincing the Boltons that Jeyne is actually Arya.

But in Game of Thrones series, Jeyen never enters the picture. Instead of Jeyen they married Sansa to evil Ramsay Bolton in Season 5.

In books, Ramsey holds Jeyen hostage and tortures her. In the show, he does Same to Sansa and he even rapes her while Theon watches on in horror.

After Sansa’s assault, fans were enraged with the show’s deviation from the book’s plotline. Their anger was mostly due not to Jeyne’s absence, but to the fact that the show has a questionable portrayal of sexual assault, and many feel as though poor Sansa has already suffered enough.


4. The Fate of Shireen Baratheon

‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences

This is one of the most shocking and horrible moments in Game of Thrones. It was the most buzzed about moments of Season 5 as it hasn’t happened in the books.

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To increase his power Stannis Baratheon chooses to take heed of Melisandre’s warning and he burned his own daughter alive and stood by as she screamed and begged for her life.

Nothing like this has happened in George R.R Martin’s Westeros.

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5. The White Walkers

‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences
White Walkers

These insidious and terrifying creatures are one of the mysterious pieces of Martin’s mythology. But in his book series, they are more often talked about than seen or heard. In the live-action version of Game of Thrones, we meet the White Walkers early — in the opening sequence of the series’ first episode. Over the past five seasons, we’ve come to see their terrifying faces often, and learn more about how they operate — including what they do with the children they take as sacrifices.


6. Ser Barristan Bites the Dust

‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences

Another character whose demise is brought forward on the show is grandfatherly old knight Ser Barristan Selmy, who was slaughtered by the Sons of the Harpy in season five.

Barristan is still hale and hearty as far as the published books go, and in fact, after Danaerys’s disappearance on the back of Drogon, Barristan becomes one of the senior figures in Meereen, practically running the city in the Queen’s absence.

It’s perhaps unlikely that Barristan will survive the book series anyway, and unless George RR Martin has something drastic planned for him in The Winds of Winter, his early death in the show shouldn’t prove too much of an obstacle, and it certainly gave book-readers a rare surprise to enjoy.

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7. Aegon Targaryen Lives

‘Game of Thrones’ Show vs. Books: 7 of the Biggest Differences
Aegon Targaryen as a kid

In Dance with Dragons which is George R.R Martin’s fifth book in the series released in 2011, it was revealed that Aegon Targaryen was alive.

It was believed that The Mountain murdered him as a baby but Aegon was secretly whisked away by Varys and he placed him in the hands of trusted allies to educate him so that one day he can reclaim the Throne for House Targaryen.

Not only does the presence of another Targaryen further muddy the line of succession to the Iron Throne (Dany may not be too pleased), it also gives us a proper answer as to just what Varys and his schemes have been in aid of all this time.

7 Questions that Game Of Thrones Is Never Going To Answer

Game of Thrones Season 7 has ended, But still, there are many questions that Game of Thrones is never going to answer.

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These aren’t the big mysteries but these points are left unanswered in the series. Let’s take a look at these questions:


1) Why was Sam ignored by White Walkers?

Why was Sam ignored by White Walkers?
Why was Sam ignored by White Walkers?

In Game of Thrones Season 2, Sam was engulfed by a group of White Walkers and wights. He was not carrying any weapons with him. He hides behind a tiny rock but he had an eye contact with the White Walker leading the troops. There is no reason explained that why they didn’t attack Sam.

I read a few theories about it but none of them seems convincing. One theory says that it was a photography trick and White Walker didn’t saw Sam but he looked at the rock. That might be true, but that means none of the wights saw him either, now that seems impossible.

Other theories say that White Walker wants to leave a witness to spread the word of their arrival. And same happened in the opening scene of Game of Thrones. But given that they’d attacked a huge group of Night’s Watchmen, at least a few of which must have managed to escape, I don’t think one man by himself in the middle of an open wintry field would be all that valuable to them.


2) Tyrion never retaliated against Littlefinger for framing him for the attack on Bran. Why?

Tyrion never retaliated against Littlefinger for framing him for the attack on Bran. Why?
Tyrion and Littlefinger

Many characters in Game of Thrones are playing the long game(like Varys and Littlefinger) but Tyrion is not one of them. Though he is intelligent and clever he never thought of playing the long game. In fact, his weakness has been restlessness.

Back in Season 1 when an assassin tries to kill Bran, Littlefinger framed Tyrion for Bran’s murder attempt which leads Catelyn Stark to kidnap Tyrion and put him on Trail. This leads to Stark and Lannister conflict. Eventually, Tyrion finds out that he was framed by Littlefinger.

But when Tyrion returns to King’s Landing, he never talks about this with anyone. He just forgets about it like it never happened. There is a possibility that Tyrion is looking for the right time to take revenge.

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3) How did Arya survive that stabbing?

Waif stabbing Arya
Waif stabbing Arya

It’s really hard to believe that Arya survived that stabbing. In the world where warriors like Robert Baratheon and Khal Drogo died due to injuries, so how would Arya survived that Stabbing by Waif. Her injuries looked so severe that many fans assumed that it wasn’t actually Arya and she had traded her face for someone else’s face.

But it turns out be not true as it was Arya who crawled out of the water. It’s still not clear how she survived that brutal stabbing.


4) Why did Warlocks give up on getting revenge on Dany?


At the House of Undying Daenerys and her Dragons burned Pyat Pree to death, which indeed destroys the Warlocks. But in the beginning of season three, Dany Dany is nearly killed by a young assassin — her blue lips and magical tendencies serving as a clear indication she’s allied with the warlocks. Then, she escapes.

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This means that warlocks are still around in some capacity and they want to harm Dany. But after that, they have never seen again. Are they still lying in wait? Will they attempt to take revenge during Daenerys’ assault on Westeros — or maybe even after?


5) How did Melisandre stay young the first time her necklace came off?

Melisandre without necklace
Melisandre without necklace

That shocking season six premiere in which we came to know that  “The Red Women” a.k.a Melisandre is an old woman and she is using magic to keep herself young. Now it looks like the magic is present in her Necklace. As when she removes the necklace she becomes old.

But in a season 4 episode, she takes bath with her necklace off. This question is not answered in the series but there is a theory related to that. During the scene, we get lingering shots of the potions that Melisandre is pouring into the bath, indicating that the magic may not be in the necklace itself, but rather that the necklace is her metaphorical “armour” keeping everything together.

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6) Why Jon Snow’s Body wasn’t burned by Night’s Watch?

Jon Snow Dead Body
Jon Snow Dead Body

After Alliser Thorne and other mutineers murdered Jon Snow they just left Jon’s body out in the snow to bleed, this gives Davos an opportunity to pull him inside and wait till Melisandre arrives. The standard procedure for a death in the Night’s Watch is that they put the dead body on the pyre to burn. But didn’t put the body of Jon Snow on the pyre.




7) Why the hell did that one episode ends with a punk song?

Game of Thrones Season 3 episode “Walk of Punishment” ended with a rock cover of “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” by the Hold Steady. It was the only time the show ever did something like this in the entire series. I think it was a major misstep because that episode ends with Jaime losing his hand. It was a powerful and tragic moment as that set his entire story in motion. A rock song at the end of the episode completely ruined the moment and its intensity.

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