Yesterday, HBO released an actual trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones, and honestly so much happened. Including a scene where Arya looks panic-stricken and appears to be being chased. Here’s the trailer:

And here’s the moment in question:

There’s been some speculation about whether Arya is running toward or away from something, but a few genius fans enhanced the image, revealing a silhouette behind Arya that seems to be chasing her. Here’s an enhance from Reddit user FadedAndJaded.

And another from Redditor KINGSLAYER_117, which makes it clear there are actually two silhouettes chasing Arya:

There’s been lots of debate about who this could be, but based on approximate hair color/size, the person on the right looks a ton like Jaime. That said, why would Jaime of all people make a badass like Arya run away? Which brings us to option #2: White Walkers.

Buuuuut again, Arya is too badass to fear a couple random White Walkers, especially since she’s holding a knife made of dragonglass, which kills them. So what would be scary enough to cause Arya to turn around and run? Fans are speculating that it could be a White Walker version of someone she knows—specifically Littlefinger or a dead family member in the crypt that the Night King reanimated. Even more specifically, Ned Stark.

Which, um, OMG.


The Internet’s Best Reactions and Memes To The Game of Thrones Final Season Trailer

If you’re a fan of the critically acclaimed HBO series Game of Thrones, then you’re probably experiencing the same feelings as thousands of fans who recently took to social media to talk about the series’ new trailer for its eighth and final season.

HBO confirmed that Game of Thrones would be concluding after its eighth season, and the series’ official Twitter account dropped a trailer that garnered more than four million views. Since 2011, Game of Thrones has built an international fanbase, becoming one of the most popular and watched television series of all time. Needless to say, the internet had a lot to say about the trailer and the series as a whole.

Let’s take a look at some of the internet’s best memes and reactions.


In case you don’t know, Hulu is a big Game of Thrones fan. As you can see by that bright blue check mark and the illegible bunch of letters, Hulu didn’t waste any time expressing their feelings on the upcoming eighth season of the widely popular fantasy series.

Fortunately, all Game of Throne fans can watch the series on Hulu via its HBO add-on. Let’s just hope that Hulu doesn’t actually malfunction when the final season premiers on April 14th.


Is there anyone that can watch Game of Thrones without shedding as much as a single tear after an important character dies? The beauty of this series is its well-placed tendency to capitalize on the deaths of so many fan favorites. However, there are some untouchable characters that everyone will hope to see alive when the show finally ends.

Dany, Jon, Bran, and Arya appear to be on this Twitter user’s list. Though, from what we gathered from Game of Thrones over the last eight years is that a very important character dies every season. Therefore, please watch out for this user because there’s no guarantee that all of their favorite characters are going to see the curtains fall alive.


This has to be the most relatable tweet on the internet right now. As great and memorable as the trailer was, it was difficult to watch without having to slide the brightness bar into overdrive.

However, the fans that were able to binge watch this show throughout the day and night will somehow find a way to see every single detail once the final season premiers in April. For the fans that have trouble seeing which character is which, go ahead and get those TV manuals out.


Legend has it that Arya Stark is still running to this very day. If you’ve watched Game of Throne’s newest trailer, then you were probably shocked just like everyone else when you saw Arya running for her life like a scared child. Throughout the entire series, Arya has killed several people on her vengeance tour and looked like one of the series’ most promising characters.

If you don’t have any reason to tune into Game of Throne’s last season, then consider this your best chance to see some great action between Arya and whatever has her so scared.


When a great show has been airing for as long as Game of Thrones, you become attached to it. All of the days you spent coming home after work (or calling in sick) to binge-watch Game of Thrones has led to this very moment. All of the tears you spent crying over your favorite characters’ deaths and other tragic events have now taken you to the show’s final season ever.

Will this season be just another season? Have you’ve gotten all of your emotions in check? Of course not!


Wow! This actually could be a great take of why Arya appeared to be running to the nearest airport in the trailer. Just imagine the cruel irony of being chased by your dead relatives when you spent your entire life trying to avenge them.

That tragic turn of events is just enough to turn a character like Arya into a frightened bystander in an instant. In all seriousness, it’s a massive reach to assume that Arya’s relatives would suddenly rise from the dead at this point of the series. However, this user may be on to something.


Throughout the series, Cersei has built a reputation as one of Game of Throne’s most mercurial and controversial characters. However, it’s no surprise that she seems reluctant to start a full-fledged war. That’s probably because she knows deep down that she won’t live to see the end of it.

For all of the people who hated Cersei to their core, you can start celebrating now. It’s extremely unlikely that’s she’s going to have a good ending once the show is over.


Game of Throne’s eighth season trailer didn’t have to tell us that a beloved character will die soon. That pessimism just comes with intuition if you’ve been watching this series since the beginning. Part of the reason why so many fans are crying is that they know one of their favorite characters is going to die in the next season.

Whether it’s Arya, Dany, or another fan-favorite, Twitter is going to erupt at the exact moment they are killed off. You can bet on that!


Although HBO confirmed that Game of Thrones would be ending a few weeks ago, it’s still pretty surreal that the show is, well . . . finally ending.

Social media is going to be filled with so many varying emotions once the series ends. No matter what happens in the finale, people who’ve been following Game of Thrones since the beginning will cry about how much they miss the show (in a Kanye West fashion), while regular people will go on about their day wondering what all the hype is about.


Like we’ve said before, you can already expect that a major death will take place in the final season of Game of Thrones. However, there are just a few characters that we’re sure will get the hatchet before others. One of these characters is Sir Jorah, who did look pretty serious in the trailer.

The look on his face looks ominous, almost as if he expects something will happen. While no one can be sure on if Sir Jorah will be the first character to die in the final season, this is probably how he would look if the opportunity came for him.

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