Game of Thrones is over, forever. Here’s the state of things:

–Daenerys was killed by Jon Snow, and her armies are sailing to Naath to free the people there I guess?

–Jon Snow is back in the Night’s Watch, even though there’s nothing left to watch. At least he gave Ghost a cuddle!

–Arya is off to explore what’s west of Westeros.

–Bran is KING OF THE SIX KINGDOMS while Sansa is Queen in the North (yay!) because the North didn’t want to give up independence even though a Stark is literally on the throne???

–Tyrion is Hand of the King even though he hasn’t made a smart decision in like three seasons.

–There were some beautiful shots but overall the writing was a mess, as it has been the last few episodes, and unsurprisingly, a lot of fans were left disappointed.

–At least we have memes…

















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