Game of Thrones Releases Photos from Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5


Game of Thrones has aired its penultimate episode and it made fans divided into two. Some fans didn’t like the character arc of Daenerys and Jaime Lannister while some loved this arc.

Every character in the show was shocked when they saw Daenerys turned into a mad queen and burned the King’s Landing into ashes which were built by her ancestors.

Fans finally got what they waited for years – Cleganebowl. Some fans were also angry because of how showrunners gave Cersei an easy death with Jaime. She definitely deserved some brutal death.

Now, Game of Thrones has released the pictures of the episode “The Bells”. Now, let’s take a deep look at these pictures.

Varys wants to team up with Jon to take the Iron Thrones but Jon rejected.

Tyrion telling Varys ‘It was me’

Varys looking at his death.


Drogon destroying the Iron fleet.

Daenerys destroyed the Golden Company with ease and helped her ground troop to enter King’s Landing.

Tyrion observing the destruction and loss of life.

The Hound is now officially the best stepdad one can have. He protected her until the end.


We finally got Cleganebowl.

Euron met his fate with Jaime sword.


Grey Worm is furious to take revenge on Messandei death.

Arya has updated her kill list. Though Dany has green eyes.

She somehow survived the destruction.

Tyrion looking at Mad Queen Destruction





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