Game Of Thrones star Natalie Dormer insists TV sex scenes should be ‘dirty’ in a bid to reflect real ‘human life’

She stripped off for a series of wild sexual encounters while playing the sensual part of Margaery Tyrell in Game Of Thrones.

So it’s no surprise Natalie Dormer made the bold claim that sex on television should be ‘dirty’ to reflect what really goes on between the sheets in real life.

The Game Of Thrones actress, 36, freely expressed how the romps filmed in Game Of Thrones aren’t ‘glamorized’ but in fact ‘quite real’ in an interview with The Sun.

Natalie told the publication: ‘Sex and romance is a huge part of human motivation. So long as it’s informing the story then I don’t see the problem.

‘But I think Thrones is quite good in that way. The violence is quite naturalistic.

‘It’s not hyper-stylised. It’s not glamorised. And the sex is quite real and dirty as well. It’s about those raw, visceral qualities of human life.’

Natalie grabbed the eyes of viewers with her racy sex scenes, topless sequences and eye-popping wardrobe choices during her time on HBO series Game Of Thrones.

Fans grew to love the scheming character who plotted to marry into the crown in a desperate bid to have power over the kingdom.

Yet the cunning character met her match when Cersei Lannister (Lena Headley) has her murdered in an explosion which rips through the courts in jaw-dropping scenes.

Natalie played out her last scenes as Margaery in the sixth season of the epic adventure series and she has since moved onto other parts.

Despite having hung up her heels as the crown-hungry beauty, the star eagerly told Bustle she was aware of how the series finishes.

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‘They’ve been shooting a lot of battle sequences… it’s the fight to the finish,’ she told the online site.

The Hunger Games star’s most recent venture sees her take on a leading role in the movie she co-wrote In Darkness.

Natalie slips into the part of a blind musician who gets dragged into the criminal underworld after hearing a murder committed in the apartment upstairs.

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