Game Of Thrones star Sophie Turner teases fiancé Joe Jonas as she uses cushion to fake a baby bump


The pair looked to be in high spirits as they laughed together while watching the tennis from the sidelines. Sophie could be seen wearing a chequered green and yellow suit, while her other half was dressed head to toe in black.

The couple seemed to be very loved up, and more interested in each other than the match, as they shared a sweet kiss while linking arms. Sophie then teased her beau as she placed a cushion up her shirt, pretending to have a baby bump.

She smirked in Joe’s direction and joked about being pregnant before quickly removing the cushion.

The pair announced their engagement in October last year, but have since revealed that they aren’t in any rush to get married.

Earlier this year the Take It And Run singer was asked is there’s any sign of a wedding on the horizon.

He said: ‘No, no. We’ve been trying to take some time off while running around Europe,’ The Evening Standard reported.

‘It’s been really exciting to play shows here in the summer, when people are out and about and the energy is top-notch. So right now, as far as down-time for us, we’re just being tourists.’

However, as Sophie has just wrapped up filming for HBO’s Game Of Thrones, it looks like she might have some spare time on her hands to begin wedding plans.

Just last month she teased Sansa Stark fans with what they can expect from the character in the upcoming series.

Talking to Digital Spy she revealed: ‘She is so empowered. She has a family behind her. She has Littlefinger, Cersei, Margaery, everyone’s wisdom and teachings all behind her.’

Sophie added: ‘She’s a real, true leader of Winterfell now. And that’s where we first see her – as a very protective, empowered lady in charge. It’s the first time you ever see her like that, and it’s so amazing to see her like that – kind of owning her destiny.’

The star has recently marked the end of Game Of Thrones by getting a Direwolf tattooed onto her arm.




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