Will Howland Reed Join ‘Game Of Thrones’ Next Season?

Game of Thrones has reached to its end and we have not seen Howland Reed yet in the show (except in Bran’s Vision). He plays an important role in the show as he is the only living person that knows about Jon’s parentage(Bran has also seen it in his vision).

Now let’s see what are the possibilities that Howland Reed will Join Game of Thrones Season 7.

House Stark and House Reed

House Stark and House Reed have been allies for a very long time. Ned Stark trusted Howland Reed with helping him to free his sister from the Tower of Joy. Ned and Lord Reed was the only survivor of that fateful day. This means Rowland Reed also knows the secret that: Jon Snow is actually a Targaryen.

Now Bran also knows about this lineage due to his warging power, but Howland Reed was actually there and there is no way Lord Stark could have talked his way out of that one after going into the tower empty-handed and coming out with a baby.



What does this mean for season 7?

Jon Snow has been declared the King in the North, Bran knows the truth about Jon’s parentage. Many fans believe that Bran will trek to Winterfell and he will tell everyone about Jon’s parentage.

However, how many of those bannermen will believe the word of a young boy who wasn’t even alive yet at the time of Jon’s conception?

Now this is where Howland Reed will come in Season 7. He will come out with his crannogmen to confirm the fact that Jon has Stark and Targaryen blood. After that he will align himself with the Stark forces to combat the coming war with dreaded White Walkers.

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Why would he do that?

House Reed had a long alliance with House Strak. Lord Reed Fought in Robert’s Rebellion alongside Ned Stark. He saved Ned Stark life by stabbing Ser Arthur Dayne in the back. Rowland was there when Ned discovered his sister dying in the pool of blood.  He also saw how Ned Stark gave his honor and decided to claim Jon as his own son.

In all these years he never said anything, he kept this secret quite for all these years. He knows he is the only person alive to know that secret. Presumably he is willing to take the secret to his deathbed.

All of that proves that Lord Reed is loyal to House Stark. His friendship and loyalty are highly admirable and showcase what a good man Howland is.

Rowland Reed Son
Rowland Reed Son – Jojen


Furthermore, the heirs to House Reed, Jojen and Meera, helped Bran Stark on his path to become the Three-Eyed Raven, with Jojen even dying in the process.

There is also a famous theory that Meera and Jon are twins, which could be possible if Howland took one of two children of Lyanna, giving him more reason to align with Jon.

If you remember, the crannogmen were also going to help Robb Stark through their dangerous swamps to get back into the North and take back Winterfell before Robb was betrayed by the Freys and Boltons.

The Reeds are perhaps the greatest ally to House Stark and nobody even realizes it. Now time has come again, they will come out once again to take their place by the side of House Stark.

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What would this mean for Jon Snow?

Jon Snow
Jon Snow

If Rowland Reed ally’s with Jon Snow, Jon would gain some of the most renowned warriors in his army. The crannogmen are shrouded in mystery. They are talented warriors and hunters. They are believed to have intermarried with the Children of the Forest, which makes perfect sense as it’s Meera Reed who has been tasked with being Bran’s guide, companion, and protector.

As they have close relationship with the Children of the Forest they must know some tricks that will help the North to stand against the army of dead.

The crannogmen just might play a vital role in defeating the White Walkers. Many of the swamp people are greenseers, like Jojen, and have been rumored to have other mystical powers as well. Having these people on Jon’s side in the coming war will give him a huge hand up against the White Walkers.


Howland Reed Will Join the War


House Reed has managed to stay out of the majority of the major wars. But now the time has come for House Reed to come out with their crannogmen and stand side  by side with House Stark and help Jon in the great war that is coming.


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