Is Varys a Targaryen?

Varys is a Targaryen
Varys is a Targaryen

Varys is one of the most important and mysterious characters in Game of Thrones. As show continues we are always learning something new about his character.

One of the theory that all fans are talking about is that Varys is a Targaryen and to hide his identity he secretly shaves his silver hair so that people can’t see his hair. All True born Targaryen has silver hair.

Now let’s review all the evidence and do in-depth analysis of this theory i.e Varys being a Targaryen.


1. Varys’ eunuch story

In Game of Thrones it is clearly explained that how Varys became a eunuch in his childhood. Listen to Varys himself as he tells the story. He says,


“A sorcerer gave me a potion that made me powerless, unable to speak or move. Yet, he did nothing to
dull my senses as he sliced me root and stem with a hooked blade, chanting all the while. He threw my parts into a brazier and the fire turned blue. I heard a voice answer his call.”

This scene clearly reveals that the priests used blood magic in a way similar to Melisandre. But we have seen in the show that Melisandre only believes in its power with king’s blood.

Why would the priests needed his blood to burn as he was an ordinary orphan?

Could it be that Varys has Targaryen roots in his blood and that’s why the priest needed his blood to burn?



2. Varys is an Orphan

So far we know that Varys is an orphan in the first place. It is very uncommon for nobles to give away their bastards at birth.

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Now if Varys was actually a blackfyre, with Targaryen lineage, it would explain why Magister Illyrio is seen working with Varys in the books.

Illyrio is the same man who harbors Viserys and Daenerys when they are exiled from Westeros. He gifts Daenerys at her wedding with three petrified dragon eggs.

Illyrio - Varys Targaryen
Illyrio – Varys Targaryen

So there is a possibility that Illyrio knows the truth of Varys heritage and that’s why he worked with Varys in the books.


3. A hint from Season 3 of Varys been a Targaryen

The next thing which we gonna discuss is slightly subtle but it can be pretty revealing depending upon how you interpret that scene. In season 3 episode 4 when Varys is telling Tyrion how he was eunuch, Varys goes near a foggy mirror in a perfectly clean room.

Now the perspective is switched and focused on Varys as he looks into the mirror. It can be seen as if the fog is surrounding his face like it’s outlining his silver hair. Camera stays focused on the mirror for abnormally long time.

Varys with Targaryen Silver hair
Varys with Targaryen Silver hair

So could this be foreshadowing that Varys is a Targaryen? Well no one can be sure over that but I think it’s awfully convincing.


4. Varys and Kinvara

Varys and Kinvara conversation
Varys and Kinvara conversation


Now lets move forward to Season 6, there is a conversation between Varys and Kinvara in which the red priestess said:

“Do you remember what you heard that night, when the sorcerer tossed your parts in the fire? You heard a voice call out from the flames, do you remember? Should I tell you what the voice said? Should I tell you the name of the voice that spoke?”

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The first thing that comes in my mind is that how Kinvara knows about it. How the red priestess knows about a random orphan being cut? It is really intriguing.

If he didn’t have kings blood, and the event wasn’t of much importance, how would she know of him being cut and if wasn’t setting up for a future reveal, why did the show even feature this scene?


In this scene there is great discomfort in the face of Varys when Kinvara speaks. Two questions arises form this conversation:

  1. The name of the one who spoke from the flames?

2. And What the voice said?

These questions will get their answers in the upcoming series and with that it will be cleared whether Varys is a Targaryen or not.

But i can say only one thing with certainty that these points seems convincing.

Do let us know what you think about this theory in the comments.

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