Emilia Clarke Films Kit Harington Goofing Off On Set Pretending To Be A Dragon


Now it’s almost confirmed that Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, it’s not particularly surprising that he has such an affinity with dragons. In the last episode, Jon Snow touched Danerys favorite child Drogon, it’s probably just a matter of time before the King in the North’s true heritage is revealed.

Jon’s major moment with the fire-breather was certainly a game-changer on HBO’s show and behind-the-scenes, it appears that he is now just as much in sync with his Targaryen blood as he is on-screen. In Emilia Clarke’s latest Instagram post, Kit Harington has gone as far as emulating one of the Mother of Dragons’s children and quite frankly, it’s groundbreaking.

Elegantly flapping his arms about as if he was about to spread his wings and fly off into the heavens above, the actor proved to be the perfect dragon in human form:


This is what Emilia wrote on her Instagram account.



In a recent HBO clip, Harington also revealed what it was about the Drogon moment that was special to him, saying:

“I quite liked that moment with the dragon. I think there was something I wanted to bring to it, which was quite animalistic. Animals go on the smell of something. If you’re coming up to a horse, you want it to sniff you before it trusts you. Hopefully that worked with the dragons. If you show quite a vicious animal fear, it will jump on that, but if you show it bravery, it will respond in a different way.”

As for Emilia Clarke, Jon Snow’s intimate interaction with her child gave us yet another indication that Daenerys may slowly be nearing to jumping the King of the North’s bones at some point in the future. She said:

“She sees his interaction with her dragons and it’s an attractive quality for her.”

How does Kit Harington’s dragon flap make you feel?


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