Kit Harington And Emilia Clarke Reacting To Jon And Dany’s Love Scene Will Make You LOL

Game of Thrones Season 7 finale gave us various, Wow moments and one of them was Jon and Dany #boatsex. If you’re any kind of Game of Thrones fan, then you know the good ship Danaerys Targaryen & Jon Snow, er, Aegon Targaryen sailed very fast and very far in the Season 7 finale.

Some people were here for it…




…while others really were not.




And while fans are divided about their feelings of (unintentional) incest, it’s pretty clear how Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington (Dany and Jon, IRL) feel about it.


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While Kit explained, “I like looking at her and going, ‘Oh God ::FAKE VOMITS:: I’m sorry…let’s go again.’”

“I think they both know it’s wrong; I think they both know it’s going to cause problems.”


Now let’s see the video posted by HBO on their channel. The cast discusses Jon and Daenerys’ connection.  A Union of Fire and Ice

So, what do you think? Are you down with Jon and Dany fucking? Comment Below

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