Kit Harington’s Prank On Rose Leslie So Brutal She Almost Left Him

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie aka our very own Jon Snow and Ygritte have officially announced their engagement and fans were gushing over that piece of news. The couple has been a Tinseltown favourite since the news of them going around reached the common ears.

While people claim that Jon Snow knows nothing, Kit, on the other hand, know about a lot of things. Out of the many things, he sure knows how to pull off a mean prank. Falling victim to his mischievous act was his girlfriend, now fiancé, Rose Leslie.

Kit went to The Jonathan Ross Show and spoke about how he pranked Rose on April Fool’s Day. Umm, Rose was shell-shocked and didn’t take it too well.

Wondering what the prank was? Well, it would have scared the shit out of anybody, TBH. Kit put this in the refrigerator.

Holy crap! That’s damn scary.

Oh, Kit, that’s actually the shortest way to send anyone into a state of shock.

By the way, this surely is giving us Halloween prank ideas.

P.S. The way he says how his family celebrates April Fool’s Day and Rose’s family doesn’t, is pretty cool.

This Little “Game Of Thrones” Detail About Daenerys’ Hair Is So Badass

It’s been pretty well-documented that the costume and makeup team on Game of Thrones uses hair in symbolic ways throughout the series.

So I am honestly shocked that we hadn’t noticed a glaring, seasons-long trend in Daenerys’ hair until now.

As you probably know, the Dothraki adorn their braids after victories and cut them off after a defeat.

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That’s why Khal Drogo had such a long braid.

And that turns out to be one of a few Dothraki traditions that Dany took to heart, because her braids have multiplied over the seasons as she’s won more battles.

She gained braids after the liberation of Slaver’s Bay, and after her victory over the Lannister army.
Cersei’s hair transformation could be subject to similar symbolism: It was when she hit rock bottom and seemed defeated at the hands of the High Sparrow that her head was shaved.

But there’s no denying that these are THE BRAIDS OF A CONQUEROR.

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