Kristofer Hivju had been ill coronavirus in April and feels good

Kristofer Hivju had been ill coronavirus in April and feels good

The Norwegian actor who assumed the part of Tormund companion of the King of the North, Jon Snow Game of Thrones expounded on the sickness on his Instagram. 41-year-old Norwegian entertainer and chief Kristofer Hivju, one of the first in the creative climate to report that he had gotten another Covid and went into self-detachment with his better half, declared today that they are presently totally sound.


Kristofer had no intricacies – the infection continued like a typical virus. Kristofer Hivju wife feels much better with her husband, on April post appeared on Kristofer Hivju Instagram. What’s more, clarifying that after these weeks they at this point don’t have any indications of the sickness.


“We have totally cured and are in good health,” the entertainer reports, posting a photograph with his better half on Instagram.
At the same time, urging subscribers not to lose vigilance and show responsibility.


At that point Kristofer thanks everybody for their expressions of help, Monster Death reminds us of the significance of washing our hands and the need to keep on keeping up our separation, dealing with others “in this weird time.”
Take care of yourself and keep your distance.

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