Lili Reinhart’s Comment About “Game Of Thrones” Season 8 Remake Petition Has Sparked A Debate Among Fans


Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 5 in which we saw Daenerys torch all of Kings’ Landing, has divided viewers. Many have been left completely furious and are accusing the show runners of misogyny and poor character development.

In response, the show’s co-creator, David Benioff said:

“Ultimaitely, [Daenerys] is who she is and that’s a Targaryen. She has said repeatedly throughout the show, ‘I will take what is mine with fire and blood,’ and in this episode, she does it.”

However, viewers are now expressing their frustration in the form of a petition demanding HBO remake the entire final season of the show “with competent writers”.

The petition has proved popular, amassing over 800,000 signatures at the time of publishing.


However, as the petition picks up steam, some celebrities unconnected to the show have spoken out against it, including Riverdale’s Lili Reinhart.

After seeing a report from Variety about the petition, Lili left a comment on Instagram calling it “ridiculous.”

“This is not how television works,” she wrote. “TV shows are not fan service. It’s ridiculous of people to think they can demand creative change from artists.”

And after the Instagram account Comments By Celebs noticed the message from Lili and reposted it, people launched into the comments with further opinions. Some said she was wrong, and that TV shows are fan service.


Others said Game of Thrones fans have a right to express their disappointment over this season after investing so much time into the series as a whole.

Some pointed out the irony of Lili’s comment when Riverdale relies on and incorporates fans into the show all the time.


But others said that the outrage over this season of Game of Thrones was unwarranted.


  1. Just because the writers got a contract with Disney to do Stars Wars doesn’t mean you should throw Game of Thrones under the bus by rushing it. If I were Disney I would release the writers from the contract or else not see the new Star wars movies that these idiots wrote.


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