Most Important Deleted Scenes From Game of Thrones


Brandon Stark and Aerys Targaryen – Season 1

This scene reportedly appeared at the beginning of the unaired pilot episode, but unfortunately was later cut from the final version of S1E1 for time reasons. While we can only hope the scene will eventually be released in its entirety, we’ll have to make do for now with a single still image from the scene, which has been released.

In the other deleted scene, Jon Arryn (Sir John Standing) was murdered in what Standing described as a “lunatic scene,” which involved Cersei herself finishing the deed (started by Lysa Arryn’s poison) by literally stomping on Jon Arryn as he crawls across the floor of his bed chamber.

Doreah and Irri – Season 2

In a deleted scene, we learn that Doreah herself was the one who murdered Irri, strangling her to death. Doreah attacks Irri from behind, wrapping a silk cord tight around her neck and twisting it brutally while lecturing Irri on the joys of autoerotic asphyxiation—yes, really.

In an interview after her departure from Game of Thrones, Amrita Acharia (Irri) revealed that that she was trying so hard to make the strangulation scene realistic that she actually suffered real injuries to her neck while filming. “I had massive bruises on my neck the next day,” she explained. “I was proud. Battle scars. Death scenes are fun.” Given all the hard work Acharia put into the scene, it’s too bad it ultimately didn’t make the final cut.

Loras and Margaery – Season 2

Sansa, The Hound, and Tyrion – Season 2


Varys and Littlefinger – Season 2


Pycelle and Tywin – Season 3


Robb Stark and Edmure Tully – Season 3


Bronn and Shae – Season 4

Daenerys and Missandei – Season 4


Grey Worm and Missandei – Season 5


Daario Naharis and Grey Worm -Season 5

Arya and the Mummers – Season 6


Olenna and Mace Tyrell – Season 6

Alliser Thorne and Dolorous Edd – Season 6


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