You Need To See This ‘Game Of Thrones’ Inspired Hotel In Finland

When HBO confirmed that Game of Thrones would not return until 2019, fans felt about the same way they did the first time they found out what happened to Ned Stark. Fortunately, photos of this Game of Thrones ice hotel in Finland will help fans forget that Season 8 is a long ways off.

HBO Nordic partnered with Lapland Hotels SnowVillage to create a GoT-inspired hotel for real. Oh, and they built it out of actual ice and snow. According to CondeNast Traveler, it only took one month to sculpt the masterpiece. Fans have gone crazy over the photos since the hotel first opened in December 2017. People reports that each room is “equipped with several well-known facets” of Game of Thrones, incorporating aspects from most seasons of the show. There’s a spooky Hall of Faces from Braavos, leering White Walkers, a dragon, and even the Iron Throne recreated in ice.

The hotel has 24 (!) hotel rooms, which includes 10 suites. People reports that each one comes with an ice sculpture built into the wall. The walls are also made of ice. As a result, guests “have the option of sleeping under the stare of a White Walker, or under the direwolf sigil” that represents House Stark. CN Traveler assures fans worried about the chill that each guest receives “a warm sleeping bag and a morning cup of hot berry juice to get the blood flowing.” Even so, it’s not recommended fans spend more than one night there.

So, the Game of Thrones hotel is an actual hotel, and fans can really book stays in it through April 8. If you’re just visiting the area, you can pay $18 to “walk through the village,” and overnight stays begin at a mere $200. As People reported, the Game of Thrones snow village experience includes a movie theater, an “ice restaurant,” and an arctic bar. Brr! In the best way, of course.

You can have a White Walker overlooking your bed…

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Stroll by the Hall of Faces

Or check out a map of Westeros.

Travelers can book a room (including the White Walker suite or a suite with a Stark sigil snow sculpture), or they can stay elsewhere and just visit to see some of the ice art.


Upea paikka ja mielettömän hienoja töitä lumesta & jäästä #snowvillagefinland #gameofthrones #onceinalifetime

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☆ Would you stay here?? ☆ This is a truly awesome Game of Thrones themed hotel made completely of snow and ice! Everything from shot glasses to the bed you sleep on are made of hand carved ice! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Game of Thrones!! ~ Just not enough to sleep on an ice bed. How about you? Any takers? If so you better hurry, Summer is coming and when it does this place will be one giant puddle! (room Temps range from 2-5 degrees Celsius) #love #gameofthrones #winteriscoming #got #summeriscoming #snowvillagefinland

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People announced that professional ice sculptors from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia constructed the Game of Thrones-inspired pop-up. But before you run and book your stay in the Scandinavian snowfest, it’s important to consider one thing: It is legitimately a hotel made of ice. CN Traveler reports that the average temperature inside the Game of Thrones hotel is a balmy 23 Fahrenheit. The magazine recommends guests bring “extra blankets and an electric blanket” with them. Unless, of course, they’re Starks; the noble family of Winterfell is well-adjusted to life in an ice castle.

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