The New ‘Game of Thrones’ Beers Unleashes Fan Favorite For The Iron Throne

It may be the end of winter, but winter is coming again before you see Season 8 of Game of Thrones. It’s going to be a long, long wait.

New York’s Ommegang Brewery, home of Game of Thrones-themed beers, is offering a little respite from all the thumb twiddling with a new line of show-themed beers. It’s not a part of the series of beers that has recently included the Winter Is Here double white ale, Fire and Blood red ale, and Bend the Knee golden ale. Instead, the four-beer series is called the Game of Thrones Royal Reserve Collection.

Royal Reserve will have four releases this year, including the just-released Hand of the Queen barleywine ale (which makes a lot of sense) and the just-announced Queen of the Seven Kingdoms sour blonde ale blend, which is a blend of a Belgian sour ale and a Belgian-style blonde.

“Cersei is a complex character, and we’ve tried to emulate that profile with this beer, which blends a lovely, dry blonde ale with a subtly tart Belgian sour,” brewery president Doug Campbell said in a statement.

He talks about Cersei, but the wordplay is immaculate and could lend itself to the kind of wild theorizing for which Game of Thrones fans are known. The beer could be referencing Cersei, but you could easily make the case that it’s a combination of Daenerys and Cersei in a bottle meant to spark debate about who will wind up being Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. (Though, Cersei’s drinking habits make her an obvious choice for a titular tribute.)

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The next beer Ommegang announced is Mother of Dragons, the third official Game of Thrones beer in its Royal Reserve Collection.

Each beer is modeled after the traits of its namesake character. The beer for the Breaker of Chains is a blend of smoked porter and a Belgian kriek, which is a lambic made with sour Morello cherries that gives the beer a “deep ruby-tinted mahogany” color. That blend is the fire and blood everyone wants the Dragon Queen to unleash on the Night King or Cersei or whoever the hell gets in her way with the show finally returns for its last season.

Mother of Dragons represents in beer one of our favorite characters from Game of Thrones,” said Ommegang president Doug Campbell. “Daenerys’s ascent from obscurity has been one of the most inspiring storylines of the show, and we’re thrilled to release a blend that embodies the character traits that have underpinned that rise.”

This beer will be released on September 28, joining the Hand of the Queen barleywine ale and the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms sour blonde ale blend. Those were the first two beers released in this year’s Royal Reserve Collection.

Other Beers released by them:

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