Scientists explain why Game of Thrones has won so many hearts around the world

Scientists explain why Game of Thrones has won so many hearts around the world

English researchers from the University of Warwick broke down George Martin’s dream cycle “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the shows like “Game of Thrones” dependent on it and clarified the purposes behind the achievement of these works. Regarding structure and literature, they are more similar to Icelandic adventures, composes Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.


Books like “A song of ice and fire”.

The truth of the matter is that regarding the structure of the story, Martin’s books are more comparable not to conventional European legends, but rather to Icelandic adventures. They are recognized by their authenticity and unconventionality, which is the thing that draws in perusers. Game of Thrones scene Jon Snow’s travels behind the wall fully reveals this.


Jon Snow king beyond the wall.

The idea of the social associations between the characters in “A Song of Ice and Fire” kindle is near how genuine social communities work. “Game of Thrones” fans treasured the fact that characters could die unexpectedly for viewers throughout the series. This made it possible to believe in the absence of a script and the reality of what was happening.


The scientists noticed that Martin’s books are likewise sensible, realistic, and unpredictable, and this is the thing that draws in perusers. The arrangement series like  “Game of Thrones” got one of the most of the TV shows of 2010-2019.

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