Shakespeare as described by ‘Game of Thrones’ GIFs is too funny


The scope of HBO’s Game of Thrones has certainly been described as Shakespearean, but one Twitter account is dedicated to drawing a straight line between Westeros and the bard by using Thrones GIFs to summarize some of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, with hilarious results.

Jon and Ygritte’s star-crossed romance is perfect for Romeo and Juliet.

And Jon’s other big moment is very Caesar-ish.

Bronn would probably have some issues with The Merchant of Venice’s house of Shylock.

And Maggy the woods witch may or may not be one of the Wyrd sisters.

It would be incredibly unwise for even Petruchio to tame Brienne of Tarth.

And to be fair, as far as dead dads and duplicitous family members go, Tyrion gives Hamlet a run for his money.

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