Sky Atlantic airs New Clip of Episode 4 features Arya Stark duelling with Brienne of Tarth


Game of Thrones next episode is set for an another reunion of Stark kids and this time it will be Arya Stark coming back to Winterfell. Arya will meet Bran and Sansa their and it will be going to be an emotional scene.

We are also going to see a reunion between Jon and Theon at Dragonstone but this reunion will not be an emotional one. Jon will definitely attack Theon when he will receive him at Dragonstone.

Jon attacks Theon

A new clip has been aired by Sky Atlantic in which we can see another reunion between Arya and Brienne. Let’s take a look.

Now, this seems exciting as we can see How Arya shows her fighting skill to Brienne. Brienne of Tarth is the one who defeated the Hound and even Jaime Lannister and Arya easily dodges her attack as if she was duelling with a child. The way Arya Dodges her shows that how well trained she has become.

We can see a smirk on Arya’s face while going against Brienne and once she points Needle at Brienne’s exposed neck.

Syrio Forel would be proud of Arya.

We can also see Sansa in the clip and she doesn’t seem happy. She then looks at other direction as if someone is coming from that side. It might be Littlefinger coming from that direction.

Now Littlefinger might feel uncomfortable as Sansa is now not alone and her brother and sister are more powerful than ever. We have also seen The Dragger with Littlefinger in episode 4 teaser released from HBO. He must be planning to kill someone but the one thing that he doesn’t know is that the most Badass Assasin of Westeros is in the Castle with him.


Sansa has already seen Bran’s powers in the last episode and now seeing Arya defeat Brienne so easily, she might feel a bit left out as she’s the only one without any special abilities.

Arya has done more sword training than virtually anyone’s in the series (on camera that is) so this spar against Brienne should be interesting.


  1. Both of Brienne’s aforementioned victories were “asterisk victories” (the Hound and Jaime were both malnourished and sickly at the time), but point taken, I suppose.

  2. This is not true that Sansa is having no ability. She is now well verse in politics and mind game due to her exposure to Cercei and Little finger. Remember Mind is best weapon if you know how to use it. She used her mind and trick Jon to give her power using opposing tactics. She has grown. Don’t underestimate her, I would say!!


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