Sophie Turner shuts down a fan defending Littlefinger on Twitter


After Game of Thrones ends its Season 7 run fans turned towards twitter to share their views on the epic last episode of the season.

There were many important events took place and one of them was Littlefinger’s death. How smartly stark kids unite themselves against Littlefinger and executed him.

Following the Game of Thrones season finale last Sunday, some fans began to discuss Sansa’s role in Petyr Baelish’s downfall.

One of the Littlefinger fan defended him on Twitter and Sophie Turner replied back.

This is how she replied.

This is What Sophie Tweeted


Sophie Calls Littlefinger a Perv

One fan, in particular, seemed to be on Littlefinger’s side.


It was at this point that Sophie Turner waded in. Hard.




Don’t mess with Sansa. Just don’t do it.

Best to think twice before you go sticking up for Sansa’s enemies in a public forum…

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  1. It’s quite funny how seriously people take TV programs.. It make believe made up for our entertainment..i for one was quite excited to see little finger get what he deserved and crying to the actress who plays her part amazingly is pointless maybe you should complain to the writers…


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