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Sophie Turner slams Logan Paul for posting a disgusting video of a suicide victim


GOT star Sophie Turner has slammed Logan Paul for his ‘self-praising’ apology following the reaction to the sick video he uploaded to his channel showing a body hanging in a forest.

On Dec. 31, Paul posted a video entitled “We found a dead body in the Japans Suicide Forest…” for his 15 million subscribers, something he apparently thought they would want to see. The disturbing video shows him filming the body of a man hanging in the Aokigahara forest Japan — more commonly known as the Japenese suicide forest.

While they kept the face of the man blurred out, it didn’t stop Logan Paul from repeatedly zooming in on him and his various body parts, while commenting on what they were seeing.

Due to the severe backlash Paul received after uploading the video, he posted a statement of apology for his disturbing actions.

However, the actress blasted him for the ‘self-praising’ nature of his words and slammed him for ‘mocking’ the man who had taken his own life.

Other Celebrities also took to Twitter to criticize Paul’s video.

Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul (no relation) wrote.

And there’s a whole heard of others too, including fellow YouTube stars, all with valid points.


As for Logan, maybe next time you enter a Sacred Japanese Forest, you won’t think about documenting every single aspect of your life, but then again, after your given response, who knows.

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