Find Out How Daenerys’ Dragons Will Die in the Next Season


With the death of Daenerys Targaryen’s beloved dragon Viserion still at the forefront of viewers’ minds, this latest theory about the possible fates of her scaly beast ‘children’ is sure to be unsettling reading.

Reddit users have been discussing which of Danaerys’s two remaining dragons they think will be killed off in the eighth and final series.

Speaking in a forum titled ‘Game of thrones: using animal symbolism to predict [spoilers]’, the fans argued that author George RR Martin has mapped out each dragon’s fate with their names.

Daenerys’ three dragons were named after different men from her life, and it’s been argued that they will meet similar grisly ends.

She named Viserion after her brother Vyserys, Drogon for her Dothraki husband Khal Drogo, and Rhaegar after her older brother Rhaegar, and who we now know is Jon Snow’s biological dad.

User mybustersword wrote: “Which dragon was killed? The one named after the brother who died.

“Drogon is her strongest and fiercest dragon. I don’t believe he will die because Drogo promised to conquer the lands for her, and he will.

“He will also be the one to kill Vyserion, the ice dragon, as the man did to the brother.

“Rhaegal was named after Rhaegar, and we do not know much about Rhaegar or Rhaegal at this time.

“It’s known he was an artist and a fighter and a lover.

“He was killed by Robert in combat. I can’t speculate much as to what may come simply because of the nature of having little knowledge of those two main characters.

“One could say, that Jon will ride Rhaegal as that was Jon’s father, and would represent Rhaegars love for both Stark and Targaryen.”

Another commented that if there was such a mirroring going on, Gendry, Robert Baratheon’s bastard, would be the one to somehow kill Rhaegal.

Fishingfor said: “Viserion died quickly and violently after being hit with ice while Viserys died quickly and violently being covered in molten gold (fire).

“Drogo got a wound in his shoulder and died a while after from witchcraft or infection… Drogon got a wound in the shoulder from Bronn.

“Rhaegar was killed by Robert caving his chest in so maybe Gendry will somehow, accidentally, kill Rhaegal?”

If Gendry is the one who kills the beast then it’s bound to make things awkward between him and new pal Jon Snow.

They were seen out hunting a White Walker in the penultimate episode after mutual friend Davos Seaworth went and plucked him out of hiding from King’s Landing.

The next series will feature EIGHT new characters, and naturally, fans are predicting how they’ll be relevant to the show’s big finale.

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