This Theory Reveals Why We Are Not Done With The Night King Yet

Now the whole world knows that The Battle of Winterfell ended with one of the most amazing and thrilling twist.

And in case you missed the episode due to extreme circumstances then I would like to tell you that our little assassin Arya Stark killed the Night King with her Valyrian steel dragger and thereby ending the war between the dead and the living definitively.

Now by looking into the trailers, we are led to believe that the final three episodes of Game of Thrones will be spent on how everyone teams up against Cersei and who sits on the Iron Thrones.

We’re led to believe that the final three episodes of Game of Thrones will be spent on how everyone teams up against Cersei to take back the Iron Throne.

Now we are gonna see politics and people fighting with each other. Right?

But there are few fans who not ready to believe that we are done with The Night King.

And if you ask me I think they have a point. One thing we have learned by now that as a Game of Thrones fan, you’re never supposed to let down your guard.

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Did we learn nothing from Oberyn’s death? Or “The Red Wedding”? Or basically from Seasons 1-7???

As u/dundermuckduck pointed out on Reddit, the Season 8 teaser trailer depicted Winterfell totally lost to the forces of winter — with Jon Snow’s sword, Longclaw, sticking out in a clear sign of defeat.


Recently both Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington revealed that remaining episodes will be “bigger,” “all insane,” and “Shakespearian.”

And each of the remaining episodes will be about 1 hour and 20 minutes long. Insane. I am excited right now.


Now after digging more in Reddit, we found this fan theory from u/TurntCrawdad that makes us think we should pay a little more attention to Little Sam — who, remember, was supposed to have been the 100th baby sacrificed to the White Walkers by Craster in Season 2.

Little Sam, Gilly and the NK/WWs from gottheories

Here, u/TurntCrawdad also raises the connection between George R.R. Martin and Shakespeare, noting that the gilliflower/gillyflower A) probably inspired Gilly’s name, and B) is noted by Shakespeare for its “piedness.”

“In genetics, the word “pied” is used to describe something (like a cockatiel bird, or a houseplant) that shows/has mixed colours,” the fan explains. Merriam-Webster also defines “pied” as “of two or more colors in blotches” — so basically, “pied” = “mixed.”

Since we know that Little Sam is Gilly’s son, and Gilly was one of the daughters and wives of Craster, there’s no clear reason what, exactly, Gilly would be a “mix” of — unless the possibility of White Walker blood is on the table.

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If Little Sam somehow has White Walker blood in his veins, then it would have been another reason for the Night King to come to Winterfell in the first place — not only to kill Bran, but also to take his 100th “son” back.

Besides, we still don’t quite know what happened to all those White Walker babies, like the one we saw in Season 4, Episode 4.


In any case, whether or not Little Sam turns out to have a lingering connection to the White Walkers, let me just remind you that there are at least 99 other White Walker babies out there.

Maybe we can assume they grew up to be the White Walkers who came to Winterfell on horseback with the Night King…but again, we only saw like five of them.

And the final reason that you should be stressed about the White Walker is recently Show creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss didn’t answer when Jimmy Kimmel asked if they’re done with the White Walkers (see it at 6:50!!!).

“We’re not going to answer that.” Well, there is something I guess.

In closing: The Night King himself may be dead, but there is no reason to think dude did not pull a Voldemort and make a few contingency plans — AKA, a giant army of baby Night Kings — for us to deal with later, probably when we least expect it.

And BTW, the GameOfThrones Twitter account tweeted this out this morning:

This makes it more complicated. So we all are not sleeping until this is all over!!

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