5 Characters Who on Game of Thrones has Valyrian Steel Swords


Winter is Coming and with it Game of Thrones Season 7 is coming and so is Night King, his White Walker and undead army. Since the show has began only three people have killed White Walker: Samwell Tarly, Jon Snow and Meera Reed. Now look how many of them had Valyrian steel swords.

Samwell and Meera used dragonglass to kill them while Jon used his Valyrian steel. So far as we know, those are the only ways to kill a White Walker, so it would be suitable for the people of Westeros to know where the few Valyrian steel swords remaining in Westeros are.


1. Jon Snow Sword Longclaw



He got his Valyrian steel sword from Lord Commander Jeor Mormont in Season 1 as a reward for saving his life. Longclaw was once meant for Jorah Mormont, Jeor’s Son.

But then Jorah disgraced the Mormont family by selling slaves, and fled across the Narrow Sea to avoid Ned Stark’s justice.

When Jorah gave it to Jon, he had a white direwolf’s head placed on the pommel. Jon used his sword very well afterwords and his Valyrian steel sword helped him to defeat White Walker in Hardhome Episode of Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8.

Jon Snow killing White Walker
Jon Snow killing White Walker


2. Brienne of Tarth has Oathkeeper


Brienne with Oatkeeper
Brienne with Oathkeeper

Ned Stark had one of the Valyrian steel sword named “Ice” with him. This sword is ceremonial sword for beheading people more than a fighting sword.  When Ned Stark traveled to King’s Landing he brought his sword with him.

Ice Ned Stark Valrian Steel Sword
Ice Ned Stark Valyrian Steel Sword

Ned Stark was executed by his own sword. After his death Tywin Lannister figured he’d be best off melting it down and reforging it into two blades.


Ned Executed by his own sword 'Ice'
Ned Executed by his own sword ‘Ice’ – one of the valyrian steel swords


One of those blade was Oathkeeper which Tywin Lannister gave to his son Jaime. Jaime, in turn, gave it to Brienne of Tarth before sending her to track down and watch over Catelyn Stark’s daughters.

Brienne used his Valrian Steel Sword to defeat Hound in Season 4, execute Stannis Baratheon in season 5, and fight off Bolton soldiers in season 6.

3. Jaime Lannister has Widow’s Wail


Jaime with his new sword Widow's Hail
Jaime with his new Sword Widow’s Hail – one of the valyrian steel swords

Tywin Lannister forged two swords from Ned Stark’s Sword Ice, one he gave it to his son Jaime and one to Joffrey as a wedding present, right before Joffrey was poisoned at his own wedding. Joffrey named his sword as Widow’s Wail. He only used the sword twice: once against a book, and once against a pigeon pie.

After that we haven’t seen the sword and we all assumed that it is passed to Tommen, Joffrey’s brother.

Now now it can be seen in Game of Thrones Season 7 official photo, hanging on Jaime Lannister hip.


4. Samwell Tarly has Heartsbane

Heartsbane- one of the valyrian steel swords
Heartsbane- one of the valyrian steel swords


Heartsbane is the ancestral Valyrian steel sword of House Tarly. Randyll Sam’s father holds this sword, and by rights, it should have been passed down to Sam upon the death of his father.

But Randyll threatened to kill Sam if he didn’t give up all rights to land and titles (including Heartsbane) and join the Night’s Watch, so that by the law of the land it would pass to Sam’s younger brother Dickon.

In season 6, Sam decides it shouldn’t belong to his father or his brother as this sword will be needed when the long night comes.

So he travels home to Horn Hill with Gilly and baby Sam, in hopes that  his family would take in his family while he studied to be a aaester at the Citadel in Oldtown. But Randyll was just as hateful to Sam as ever, so Sam decided to take the sword and split.


5. Arya Strak has Valyrian Steel Dagger


EW has released new Cover photos for their magazine and they have brought Stark Kids together for Stark Reunion.

In these photos there was not much information except that Arya is holding a new dragger which has been seen in the show before.

Arya Stark with Valyrian Dagger
Arya Stark with Valyrian Dagger


This is the same Dagger which was used to assassin Bran Stark in Season 1. However, we haven’t seen that dagger in years.

Dagger to kill Bran
Dagger to kill Bran


Littlefinger lost the dagger to Robert Baratheon at the tourney (not to Tyrion as he claims), then it is implied in the books that Joffrey stole the dagger from the king and sent the assassin to kill Bran with it (both Cersei, Jamie and Tyrion comes to this conclusion).

Catelyn takes the dagger and gives it to Ned (who shows it to Varys and Littlefinger) and when Littlefinger betrays Ned he takes the blade back.

If Arya now has the dagger, she would have to either steal it from Littlefinger or kill him and then take it. We see her sneaking around indoors in the trailer and looking under furniture, it is possible she could have found it in Baelish’s room in Winterfell.

There are many other Valyrian steel blades out there — for example, Arya mentions Dark Sister, a blade wielded by Queen Visenya Targaryen during Aegon’s conquest of Westeros, when she’s serving Tywin in Harrenhal in season 2.

The blades we talked about are the only ones we have seen in the show.

Now watch this video of Alt Shift X which did a great job of enumerating what’s happening with the other Valyrian steel blades, most of which are only mentioned in the novels.

Who on Game of Thrones has a Valyrian steel swords? Let’s find out:



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